Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Oh, a band of rain approaching Queensland. I am inclined to say don't panic Captain Mainwarring, but then I recall ex Premier Brumby telling us tomorrow, a day in early February a couple of years ago, would be a bad day. We thinking people thought, ho hum.

Authorities are now prone to over exaggerating risk from unfriendly weather. I hope they are this time. What a pity there weren't warnings to Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley.


  1. Floods, fires, cyclones, earthquakes (St George last week)locusts...

    Tell me again, Andrew, what Chinaman did we back the car over...?

  2. Australia has always been a land of contrasts, but sometimes it does get a bit much. Poor Queensland, they have so much re-building to do. And a cycloine on its way to Cairns.

  3. You kicked him hard Jayne.

    Yep BFG, from the far north to the south. What a country!

  4. Anonymous7:21 pm

    I've just read the reports on Yasi's imminent arrival. It sounds bloody terrifying! I hope the loss of life - both human and animal - is low. V.

  5. Terrifying is a good word V.