Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sticking with the Melways

My workplace is situated in a dead end street. It wasn't always so, but several years ago it became a dead end street. I was outside my workplace on the footpath chatting to a workmate when a very large truck with a trailer pulled into the street. 'Mate, my sat nav told me to turn down here. Are there any exits from here?' 'Only down that lane', I replied as I indicated a lane that was clearly too narrow for the large truck.

I had work to do and no intention of guiding a truck reversing out of the street. I bolted. I think I'll hold off on a sat nav for a bit yet. I've heard too many stories. The technology seems a wee bit flawed.


  1. Try telling that to a SATNAV devotee!! 'The SATNAV made me do it' is fast becoming the most overused excuse for poor road skills in the outback! Not to mention trespassing and vehicle/rig damage!!

    I still LOOOOOVE maps!

  2. Yes...but how old is the Melways in your car? Do you replace it every year?

  3. Now't like a proper map hey Red. I love them.

    THH, it is years old and I haven't looked at it for years. I have my new one a metre away from where I am sitting and I love flicking through it. If I need to go to a strange place, I look it up on online Melways or Google Maps and write myself directions.

  4. everytime I try to post I get a 404 error.

    I was trying to say, get a satnav and like Red says, blame it for everything.

    "Oh but my satnav told me to drive on your tollroad, I don't want to pay for it"

    If your freakin satnav told you to drive off a cliff would you?

  5. I was getting those last night Fen. I gave up and went to bed. I reckon some have come close to driving off cliffs.