Monday, February 28, 2011

Queensland is missing. Has it floated down south?

We Australians in the cold western European country to the east of Germany know the jokes about American's world geographic knowledge. Dina, can you show this picture to your son Jack and ask him what is wrong? If he isn't sure, I'll bet you know. You should immediately apply to CNN as a geographic proof reader. You are sorely needed.

Meanwhile, I am sure the residents of Queenstown in Tasmania might like a bit of Queensland weather. Just not a cyclone.


  1. OK, that's a bit of a slip up. Poor Tassie. It always happens to Tassie. Very amusing though.

  2. We know these things happen. Amsterdam seems to be the capital of Copenhagen.
    We even had a Dutch show on TV, in which they asked blond girls in the age bracket of 18 to 25 questions like these. Mallorca became Denmark [the Danes would love that] and Greenland had to be somewhere south because it was green.

  3. no wonder we've had such humidity!

  4. J Bar, I suspect we could well have done the same in some countries. Actually I remember some being on Media Watch.

    Yep LiD, if they are not left off the map, the towns are wrong.

    Peter, I would like to say you are joking, but I fear you are not.

    You've got it Fen. All that steamy and humid air coming up from Tassie.

  5. Haha!! My blog should set them right!!!

  6. Thanks ; )

    Hopefully CNN won't make any more crazy mistakes like that; and I won't be needed.

    I was actually one of those Americans who was horrible with geography. It was because of Jack that I started learning things.

    I did know where Australia was though! I didn't confuse it with Austria. I probably would have had no idea where Queensland was, and I might have believed that Sydney was the capital of Australia.

  7. So typical of the Americans. A colleague of mine recounts a conversation he had with an American who thought that Australia was still attached to Antarctica (yes, many millions of years ago when they were both part of Gondwana).

    And of course no American knows what the capital of Australia is (but a baker I met in a remote mountainous village in Mexico did...I think that says a lot).

  8. It would indeed Red. Sic 'em.

    Dina, knowing roughly the direction of Aus from the US I think puts you well ahead of the pack.

  9. Gosh, and it is by CNN. I thought they would hire someone more knowledgeable than average Americans. Unless average Americans are even less knowledgeable than I would think. Hehehe...

    Sorry American readers!

  10. Don't worry Immigayrant, you should have seen what someone else said, but he deleted the comment.