Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mrs Hederson Presents

If you asked me have I ever missed anything thing Dame Judith Dench has been seen in in Australia, I would have said probably not. Yet, I had missed Mrs Henderson Presents. I just finished watching it today after recording it from the television. It was a movie written for her. The first half was especially full of snappy one liners and retorts and I hardly stopped grinning.

It was not a movie to win a grand award. It was a simple story told very well.

There now, I am up to date with all movie posts. OMG, I am up to 3 movies for 2011. I think it was only one for all of 2010.


  1. I watched that the other night and LOVED it. You're right, it was a story very well told :)

  2. Beet, wouldn't it be nice to be a very rich widow. We can dream.