Friday, February 04, 2011

Hookahs on Melbourne's Streets

There! I got the double entendre done in the title, so there won't be any more of that!

The first time I saw hookahs being smoked in public was in Edgware Road , London. The road has a middle eastern feel to it, probably because of all the Middle Eastern businesses, Middle Eastern eateries and Middle Eastern men in the street.

Then I saw some men with hookahs in their mouths in Sydney Road, Brunswick a year or so ago.

She couldn't have gotten her hair any blonder or her lips any redder. She was enjoying her hookah in Lygon Street, East Brunswick a week or so ago.

All very well for those north of the river types and their whacky baccy, but lo, R pointed out some hookahs in Mojitos in South Yarra. I've not seen them used yet.

Errr, I don't want to be a fusspot but do they have disposable mouth pieces? I am thinking I wouldn't be wanting a used hookah in my mouth unless it was thoroughly cleansed. Btw, does anyone know if hookah in French has a le or a la?


  1. It was good I looked it up what a hookah was, yes I thought you were talking about ho's [a dirty mind is a joy forever].
    Those things are a regular sight here too, the hookahs in the tea-houses and the ho's in the Red ight district. ;)

  2. And the next question is...will you inhale from the hookah? :P

  3. Peter, I certainly remember the hos, not the hookahs.

    Jayne, I have never inhaled and I did not have sex with that woman (I say the latter with some confidence).

  4. I'll take two on that Peter. I do recall the hookahs in cafes. No one was using them at the time though.

  5. I used to love walking past the smoking cafes on Sydney Rd, the smell of the flavoured tobacco was divine.

  6. Fen, I guess they have been doing that for a while in Sydney Road.