Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I believe this is part of the old Macrobertson confectionery factory in Collingwood. There is more than one building. It must have been a huge complex. Some have been turned into housing. I was looking down Macrobertson Lane and I wondered what these port holes would have been used for?


  1. The Robertson story is fascinating, but does not mention the portholes.
    Now you've made me want chocolate.

  2. To throw the wonky Cherry Ripes out surreptitiously to their mates standing in the alley with outstretched hands?

  3. To squeeze out Polly Waffles?

  4. They could be whats left of a high voltage electrical connection to the building. They probably had a larger insulator in each porthole, with the high voltage electrical conductor passing through the centre.

    You will see similar on the old tramways power station buildings.

  5. Pretty high achiever was Macrob, hey Ann.

    I laughed Kath. I am rather fond of Cherry Ripes, but they aren't like they used to be.

    Damn big Polly Waffle Victor, but I like your thought train.

    Pip, I have seen them and I can visualise it. I think you are right.

  6. That is the side of the amazing Star Lyric Cinema on Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Now threatened with destruction - please share:


  7. Thanks. I am well aware of threat to the Star Lyric, but I did not realise that it was this building.