Monday, February 28, 2011


One day trams may again run in Sydney, rather than a light rail that takes people to where they don't want to go, and is being extended so even more people can go for longer trips to where they don't want to go. I heard some heresy about putting trams back back along Anzac Parade into the city. Now that would be putting trams where people do want to go.

With a digger, you can have ready made trams tracks and James would not have to catch a bus to work but could ride on a tram.

The tracks are rising in Harris Street, Ultimo, so not much digging will be required.

I was just saying to R that it amuses me that contractors may quote to rebuild a road, they get to work and discover tram tracks underneath the road surface and so they have underquoted as more work will be involved in removing the rails. I suppose there are maps that authorities use that tell them where tracks maybe. One thing for sure, there would not be too many staff around now who are old enough to say, careful on your quoting here, a tram used to run down this street.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 pm

    clearly there is a gap in the market for a trammy historian to con$ult with tendering companies to save them money.

  2. Trams? They might take off in day.

  3. Don't underestimate the bus though, for their capacity for rapid deployment to new and expanding routes. That said, I like light rail also.

  4. What a good idea Anon. Anyone in mind? Seriously there is plenty of knowledge about how public transport can be improved, just not the political will.

    Well Jayne, there is a history.

    For sure James. No fixed rail can cover spread out suburbs and a good bus service can feed a lot of people to railway stations, but trams/light rail are sorely needed in inner Sydney. I think the pollies are a bit afraid of the success that they will be and they will have the public clamouring for more.

  5. Anonymous7:19 am


    The irony of the buses is that they were meant to be able to leave the rigidity of the tram tracks behind but the vast majority of inner suburban bus routes just replicate the old tram routes... Which begs the question, why bother. The trams could now be carrying 250 pax each instead of 4 buses carrying 60 each.