Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cracking Up

Remember the window that cracked after we had the windows tinted? It became progressively worse. It was before christmas. R dealt with it mostly as he was on holidays. Of course there were the missed appointments and other botheration. What ever goes smoothly? The body corporate insurance paid. Mid January we had a new window and a week later we had the window retinted.


All parties involved are very concerned. I think the glass company has offered to replace the glass for no cost. The body corporate manager is playing her usual games. The tint company will retint for no cost. But we don't want it happening a third time. It is more than we could cope with. So, a representative from the manufacturer of the tint film is coming to have a look. Of course we care that his house got flooded and he had to cancel an appointment. Of course we care that he had the assessors visiting and had to cancel another appointment. We are just resigned to it being a very slow process.

In the above first two photos of the old crack, you can see how it became worse. The new crack is now much worse than it appears in this photo. So far no one has mentioned the air con unit that blows hot air onto the glass and had been just switched on before the cracks happened. I wonder if an Einstein will pick up that pretty obvious cause.


  1. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Surely you would like to point out the obvious to them? If if it can't stand hot stream of air blowing on it - what chances do the windows have against the intense Oz sunlight?

  2. I want to know just what that window is seeing to cause it to keep cracking up!!!!

    (is it in fear, or because it finds something very amusing?)

    [Yeah, I know . . . . bad joke . . . . But still!]

  3. Very disturbing. I was thinking of getting the same thing for my windows.

  4. all I have to say is blimey.

  5. Never thought of that Ann. Nice lateral thinking.

    Anon, seems to be a combo of both. Hot sunlight on the glass and the aircon being switched on.

    Msilsby, it could be from vibration of thirty year old trams going past on very bad tram track.

    Ad Rad, now you have some knowledge, you will know a question or two to ask.

    Fen, blimey wasn't what I said when I saw the new crack.