Friday, February 04, 2011

Bit of a shower

In the nine years we have lived here, I have not seen the likes of this. Taken about 20 minutes ago.

The taxi hit the water at a fair pelt, but alas he did not stall. Damn.


  1. Problem is that all that water is supposed to flow into Lake Albert.

    Which is a tad full now.

    'Twill be interesting to see where it goes!

  2. Maybe the taxi got water all inside and his vehicle will end up being too smelly for customers...

  3. Go find Clem Newton Brown on Twitter - he got a shot of someone actually swimming down Chapel Street.
    Ewww but *snort*.

  4. Msilsby, I just drove along Lakeside Drive tonight and indeed the lake is full. I have often wondered if our storm water goes into the lake or has separate pipes direct to the bay. Some stormwater does go into the lake. Doesn't it have an overflow at the Fitzroy Street end? Which may or may not run into the Cowderoy Street drain.

    KN, I believe that even without water inside, our cabs are often smelly.

  5. Found him Jayne. He doesn't like spaces in his name. Also found a twitter pic of the tracks between platforms 1&2 at South Yarra underwater. 40ml in the bureau's city gauge. By ten pm should be 2 inches.

  6. Oh yeah it was pretty amazing, I've never seen rain quite like it. Exciting in a way!

  7. such a lot of water! And with more to come :|

  8. Crazy, crazy weather all over Australia and North America at the moment.

  9. At that height you don't need life jackets! ;)

  10. Top photos, Andrew! We have a dog with stitches at home right now and can't let her out for longer than a second to, um, you know, before dragging her (gently) back inside to stay away from the mud.... not fun!

  11. Fen, you were out in the thick of it.

    Well Beet, your area was mentioned in despatches tonight. Hope you are high and dry.

    Next thing they will be saying Victor, is that the cause is something we humans are doing.

    Funny Peter, Tradie Brother rang last night to see if we were ok. I told him he is an idiot and that the basement sump pumps were working well.

    Thanks Daniel.

    Kath, dogs never understand about stitches do they?


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