Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Big Gay Party

The 6th of September in 1969 was significant date for Melbourne's gays, so I learnt during the history walk. It probably was in many western cities that had significant numbers of gay men. One party organised to celebrate the date in a flat in Darling Street South Yarra was overwhelmed when Masies closed at the correct hour, with people unable to fit inside the flat, they spilled out into Darling Street.

But it was probably not a significant date for gays in the US where a different date format is used.


  1. Have done some googleing and have drawn a blank on that date, I am mystified

  2. Stop thinking like an American Ian. 6/9/69.

  3. Punked ya might say, I've been punked!

  4. You younguns and your modern lingo. I will have to go to Urban Dictionary. Perhaps I have been punked now.


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