Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annual Jump up and Down

This is becoming a monotonously annual pout. Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission criticises Melbourne Airport for their usurious parking charges. Might I suggest that he does something about it instead of appearing in annual media conferences?

Some wicked people avoid Melbourne Airport's rip off parking charges by parking on the side of a freeway and waiting for a phone call to come and collect whoever is arriving and they are to meet.

Well, our Vic Roads is ensuring that Melbourne Airport's parking profits continue to flow by putting a chain fence along the freeway that will prevent parking.

Of course there is a new bus route that calls in to the airport, but before you think of catching that and again endangering Melbourne Airport's mega parking profits, consider the walk. As reported in reliable media, Melbourne Airport requested that the bus not be stopped in a place convenient to travellers, but a good ten minute walk away. A ten minute walk for a fit person with luggage might be ok, but it is not for everyone. Ben has more detail on the inconvenient bus at the airport here.

There is always the glimmer of hope that we may one day get a train line to the airport built, but of course it will no doubt be set up like Sydney's where it is almost cheaper for a single person to get a taxi that pay for the train.


  1. I always find it irritating when a city's airport doesn't have a metro stop. This was the case for a very long time in SFO. I'm surprised to read that Melbourne doesn't have a metro stop - you have such incredible public transport in the city.

  2. You'd have to live very close to Sydney Airport for it to be cheaper for a single (solo) person to travel by taxi rather than by train but certainly it is cheaper for three people to travel by taxi from where I live (distance about 15km).

    At least the State Transit bus service (Route 400) stops adjacent to one of the two domestic terminals and adjacent to the international terminal.

  3. By the way I have an arrangement with friends who fly into the domestic terminals.

    They ring me when their plane has landed and they are inside the terminal and I then leave home to collect them.

    They walk to the baggage carousels, wait for their bags to arrive and then make their way with bags back upstairs to the departure level and are just in time for me as I pull up at the departures set down spots.

    We've been getting away with it as long as the ever present security guards don't realise I am actually picking up arriving passengers rather than dropping off departing passengers. It's worked every time so far and I'll be doing it again with my next interstate visitor this week.

  4. Bosguy, so many vested interests are stopping it. Public transport is reasonable here if you are within 10km of the city.

  5. Victor, I may have exaggerated slightly, but I reckon for two people from the city, a taxi would be cheaper. We have caught a bus once or twice, but I can't remember if it was a service bus or the airport bus. There are places around our airport where you can wait, but people want to be close with quick access. I have heard of this picking up at drop off points. What is the advantage of that? I can see the advantage in getting in a taxi that has just dropped someone off.

  6. Airports are nightmare enough without hassles getting to transport :S

  7. For anything to change, wouldn't your fabled planning minister (I dare not speak his name) need to be involved??

  8. Beet, I hate flying, not for the flight but the crap at the airports.

    Ann, are you getting tips for when you take Jah Teh to the airport when she heads to Hawaii?

    Red, he who's name shan't be mentioned has departed as minister. His party lost office. What a surprise. I have a new planning minister to attack and he has already made an 'interesting' planning decision.

  9. 'I can see the advantage in getting in a taxi that has just dropped someone off.'

    Andrew, at Sydney Airport any taxi that attempted this risks being fined by the Airport authorities who will only allow them to pick up passengers from authorised ranks which are located only on the arrivals level.

    The arrivals level has no provision for private pick up of passengers at the terminals. There is a private pick up point located between the two domestic terminals but it is about a ten minute walk (with bags) from the terminal which includes crossing a street and if you do not pick up your passengers within - I think it is - ten minutes exorbitant parking fees kick in.

  10. Taxis are a complete ripoff from the airport. They charge you extra because it's the airport (the airport charges them) plus citylink charges if you go on that then the trip price. Most people pay upwards of $50. I remember enquiring once when I lived in Brunswick how much it would cost and it was around $70. For a 15 minute drive, you've got to be kidding me.

    There won't ever be a train in our lifetime coz the Govt & Transurban made a deal.

  11. I understand now Victor. Taxis are not allowed to pick up fares at their drop off points her either, but it happens.

  12. Fen, people seem to have forgotten some of the deals Kennett made with Transurban. Transurban haven't enforced some of them, but you are right about the airport rail line.