Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Animal Kingdom

I was a bit annoyed that we missed Animal Kingdom when it was on at the picture theatres. However, we did hire the dvd to watch after christmas. I went to Blockbuster in Chapel Street because I had a membership card for them. I just knew it would go wrong as the lass swiped the card. How long since you have been here, she asked. About 2005 I replied. That was when R's sister and bro in law were here and they hired quite a few movies. We have not hired one since. I panicked as she said I would need to rejoin, and I hesitated and checked with R and he nodded. Fortunately it was only a few keystrokes by the lass and I was an up to date member.

I was looking forward to seeing it as I felt a personal connection. The personal connection was I went past in a tram the day after the Walsh Street police murders and the street was blocked off. We often walk along Walsh Street and I noted which block of flats the police were called to. And of course we look down on Walsh Street from the highrise. Plus I find tales of both Melbourne and Sydney's underworld a bit fascinating.

If the movie was about the Walsh Street murders, I missed that. If the movie was about a sulky morose teenager, I got that. If it was some fine writing for Jackie Weaver to deliver well, I got that. If it was about history of a matter I was interested in, I missed that. I found the movie very disappointing, but not due to the standard of acting.


  1. Ahhh, I wondered if the content was up to the blather.

  2. I had been really looking forward to seeing it Jayne. Perhaps worth seeing for Jackie's performance.