Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Aftermath

It seems the heavy shower of rain was a bit more dramatic than I thought. There are lots of flood pics out on the net and some personal accounts. But what about this tale of such dedication to work and duty? The lass fought floods and traffic to get to her work place. What a valuable employee. She should be paid more.

At nearly the same time tonight as I tookthe flood pics last night, all is dry and calm, the only evidence being sand in gutters and a tide mark of leaves on the irregular rectangle of grass.


  1. LMAO, I should get a free boat! Nah instead I'll have "Late" marked in my roster and it will go against me, mark my word.

  2. Very little to show in the 'burbs, too, unless you count the currently evacuated Koo Wee Rup as a suburb these days?
    And even dirty, drear Dandenong station missed getting its face washed.

  3. Heard that people in Werribee were flooded, and the Princes Highway was closed except for one lane on Saturday due to flooding.

  4. Bet you weren't the only one Fen.

    Jayne, I heard a Dandenong subway was flooded with cars in it.

    BFG, I heard it was fully closed and all back roads too. Then people started indicating there were routes to take, thus making VicPol look foolish.

  5. I was, coz there are only 3 of us who start at that time :(

  6. Damn. I bet you worked hard once you started.

  7. oh hell no, I floorwalked til 10pm and did as little as possible. ;)


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