Friday, January 07, 2011

Water: Someone should bottle it and sell it

I don't bother checking prices in movie theatres or at live shows. I know I am going to pay a bomb for anything I buy, be it a snack or a glass of wine or an ice cream. I bought R a bottle of water when we recently attended the Regent to see Le Grand Cirque. I think it was $5.50. Lalalalalalah. I am not listening.

R still had the bottle when we arrived home the brand was Aqua Panna, imported from Italy. Like tinned tomatoes, I cannot understand how such heavy items can be shipped from Italy to Australia and sold here competitively. Perhaps Australian mark ups are huge. I should think the technology and labour costs in producing and canning tomatoes would be much the same in Italy as here. As for water, well even Australian water bottled from the downstream Yarra River will cost more then petrol.


  1. In my own twisted mind it's okay to buy sparkling, but I can never justify still. We live in a first world country - the water is safe to drink :) A couple of years ago in Sweden, a shop assistant said this to an American customer in the queue next to me "our water is safe to drink, you know" and it has stayedc with me ever since. :)

  2. Most of the cheap imports are cheap cos their govts subsidise the farmers.
    You know, give them a realistic price for their goods.
    Don't let it be said our govt ever lives in reality!

  3. $5.50, it would want to have gold specks in it for that price!

  4. Anonymous2:54 am

    I think Jayne's right about the subsidies.

  5. "I cannot understand how such heavy items can be shipped from Italy..."

    It probably isn't. It's probably just bottled from the taps at the Italian restaurant down the road.

  6. I'm with you on the sparkling James. That is quite different.

    Jayne, remember the Euro butter mountain? The Euro wine lake? We had our own wheat pile a bit later. Australia doesn't subsidise much, but the rest of the world does. Australia free trades, but no one else does. Bah. Who is this country being run for the benefit of?

    The specks might give you something to choke on other than the price Fen.

    She is Scott. I expect there is good bit of farm subsidising in the UK too.

    If it was Brian, they would be justifiably laughing their heads off.