Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surfer Boi

The Herald Sun tabloid newspaper is a fine and accurate record of Melbourne's news, as long as you like your news with a particular slant.

But what a beat up this is. Beat up by Metro too. The Darwin principle applies and there should only be minimal delay to the service. It is not a complex murder investigation.


In Africa, South America and the sub continent, people regularly ride on train roofs as passengers. Better that our Metro train operators concentrate on signals which seem to fail so often, rather than those who are silly enough to ride on train roofs and harm no one except themselves on the very odd occasion. Of course they still need to pay their fare.


  1. Don't agree, Andrew.

    Our legal system (note I don't say 'justice' system) is such that, unless the authorities are seen to be doing more than required for the Duty of Care, then they will be held responsibile for people riding in rooves/roofs/rooftops who fall off and are injured, with litigation and compensation runnning into millions. yes, it is a stupid thing to do, an illegal thing to do. But it is the stupid that our society must protect.

  2. Yeah, I know Julie. I suppose that is one reason why our country is 'civilised' and first world.

  3. Such a shame they don't fall off and be done with it. Morons.

  4. The Darwin principle Fen.