Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sorrento Photos 1

A sincere happy 2011 to my readers.

Apologies about the sunshine and warmth if you are somewhere cold. No not really sorry, suffer. The first few photos are in Sorrento Park.

This depression is in about the centre of the park. Green, lush and established and just beautiful.

A bed of roses. Too high maintenance for most local councils. They would rather spend the money on weird art and what is a state and federal government responsibility, housing for the poor.

I do like a jolly old rotunda. Behind is the packed kids play area and tables where we ate our fish and chips.

I suppose you call this a vista.

Triple boat ramp. Later it became very busy and chaotic. I don't know how the boats didn't crash into each other.

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo arriving on the Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry. It leaves either side of the bay on the hour and the trip takes about forty minutes.

The famous or infamous Hotel Sorrento. Opposite is the police station, very handy for the coppers and the police station has fine water views.


  1. That park is very pretty and the views are worth the walk up the hill!

  2. a Melbourne writer has done Hotel Sorrento but I can't recall if it is a novel or a play.

    The horizon behind the ferry shot would be Mt. Martha I think.

    Not too many poor people at the boat ramp - boats, trailers, jet skis and fuel all add up to serious cash.

    Cash and water seem to pair-up, as when I was travelling in the east with That's So Pants we were impressed at Metung real estate and Paynesvilles marina.
    Good start to your year - keep it up.

  3. Great photos - nothing beats the blue skies we have here in summer...I would really miss that if overseas

  4. Hope you have a happy and healthy 2011, Andrew. May it be romantic in the fuller sense of that oft maligned word.

  5. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Andrew, the triple boat ramp area looks inviting. Looks a little like our Isles of Scilly with it's differing shades of clear waters.

    Seeing your pictures I'm looking forward to our summer, but they're still predicting for here the worst winter in 300 yrs which was the last time The River Thames froze over, hence the Frost Fayre which was actually held on the frozen river back then.

    Happy New year.


  6. Ha Jayne, we started up top and walked down. The views are lovely.

    Play I think Ann, but a movie was made too. Previously surely it was only Sorrento Hotel. Cash and water certainly pair up big time in Sydney.

    So you are having some blue skies MC.

    Cheers Julie. I liked your mention of romantic in your own blog post.

    Thanks David. I hope the 300 year prediction doesn't come true.