Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shoe Drama

How many bloggers could write about shoe laces and get a comment response? Oh, I have set myself up for failure. I ripped the broken lace out and threaded the new lace exactly like the non broken lace. If you look closely at the photo you can see that I missed the bottom holes. I should have put my specs on. Second try and I got all eye holes but the new lace did not match the old one. I complained to R and he was sympathetic. I tried again and again got it wrong. Please, how hard is it to put in new laces?

As wrong as my laces now were, I decided no one really looks at my feet and they have stayed wrong.

Oh, but the sheet. I bought a new one. A black fitted sheet at Myer post christmas sale, so much better value than Target. I bought new pillows too. I hate them, but I have grown accustomed to them. I did not put the new sheet straight on my bed as I had recently washed my bedding. I will put it on next change of bedding. My bed is queen sized, how appropriate. I will go to my grave wondering how I ended up with King Size Single Bed Black Fitted Bed Sheet. I even had R with me to supervise my purchases.

Myer may not sell things for the cheapest price, although at half price they would be hard to beat, but there no problem with exchanges. I got the last one of the correct size and still at half price.


  1. I have Rockport shoes as well; expensive.

    I find they often come with interesting laces but once a lace is broken I find it impossible to purchase a new one that matches the one left over.

    I could not walk around in shoes with non matching laces. I'm anal in those sort of things.

  2. I buy mine at a factory outlet place or if they are heavily discounted. I did replace both laces but they just aren't threaded in quite the same way. If one breaks, the other won't be far behind.

  3. Laces are a challenge. That one on the left looks like a strand of leather - very tough on the hands. I like the one on the left, but the lengths are such a challenge nowadays. - 100 cms or longer, pls.

    I have to wear shoes that come over my ankles, so Converse is one of the brands that is suitable. However, the colours are good but the laces invariable are white. Boring. I go around looking for those stands with a myriad of colours and try to match the most garish that I can find.

  4. Laces are a bit too tricky for their own good! And in a 'laces emergency', how are you supposed to know what the hell size they are??

    They will always break at the exact wrong moment - that is an unalterable law of the universe!

  5. I don't usually have trouble with laces breaking, but I do take one out when I have new shoes and measure it, so I know what length to buy the new laces if one should break.
    How can you get the threading wrong? How is that possible?

  6. Anonymous7:52 am

    Ask ya mom to thread your shoes for you Andrew.

  7. I always replace both when 1 lace snaps, then save the unbroken one for emergencies.
    Sometimes I accidentally end up with a matching pair or ones close enough to pass as matching.

  8. Just a thinner lace Julie, not leather. I bought shorter than the old ones as I found them too long. So your over ankle ones give extra support?

    Red, breaking at the wrong moment is a truism, but then they always break when you are tying them, which means you you have put your shoes to go out somewhere.

    Well organised you are River. Well, in my defence, the original lacing was a bit complicated and I foolishly did not have my specs on.

    Have you been paying attention to what I have written about my mother Anon? No way.

    Hmm Jayne, what did I do with the old unbroken lace? I hope I chucked it in the shoe cleaning box.

  9. ha ha I can understand getting sheets wrong, coz lazy people put the wrong sorts in the wrong sections & voila, you end up with the wrong size.

    I used to always accidentally buy shampoo instead of conditioner, now I check 10 times before I leave the store!

  10. Re the sheets Fen, I think that is what happened. I too take great care when buying shampoo and conditioner. Funny that while I don't actually believe in hair conditioner, when I bought combined shampoo conditioner, it didn't work as well as normal conditioner.