Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Scared Macca Staff

Scared staff can skip shifts: Macca's

Let me get this right. Three different McDonalds take away food places have been robbed three times by axe wielding ne'er to do wells over three nights. R tells me he heard the aggressors are possibly of Asian appearance. I suppose if they are of petite stature and have black hair, there is a good chance. Of course my favoured source of news, our ABC, would never mention anything about their appearance if it involved ethnicity. Apparently they are from New South Wales, so I heard.

I would suggest to McDonalds staff ought not be scared because there are processes and infrastructure to protect them. Let me suggest that in the pursuit of profits, McDonalds tolerates ne're to do wells so long as they buy a Macburger, never mind the angst of young teenage staff and 12 year old store managers.

But let us praise McDonalds for their magnanimous gesture that staff can skip shifts it they feel afraid. Of course it comes with a reassurance that there will not be any repercussions for them for not showing up for work. It is great that McDonalds have such control over the twelve year old franchise store owners.


  1. Does the Maccas offer to staff come with fries?

  2. Victor, perhaps the staff gives fries with the cash they handover.

  3. Poor kids. My bestie in high school worked at Maccas and they got held up late one night. She was shaken for months. Here's hoping they catch the dimwits.

  4. Fen, although I have been a consumer of burgers at 4 in the morning in Victoria Parade after being at a certain club, I really don't think they should be open 24 hours, not with kids behind the counters.

  5. yeh, it's probably past their bedtimes right!