Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Same Same Digi Radio

High five, he said, and I did. I think it was the first time I have ever high fived an adult male. His hand felt not hard as I imagined it, but quite soft. He is of Greek heritage you see and even though I may have had some experience with those from the Mediterranean, I was a bit surprised at the softness of his hand. He is a work mate, and not a dark haired Greek, but fair. I believe they come from the north of Greece, or does that only apply to Italians?

Of course he is nice looking. Would I be telling you about him if he wasn't? I would go so far as to say he is hot. He is a bit older now than when he started at my workplace, but is ageing well. He has a slight Euro/born Aussie accent, which I really quite like. I am not arrogant enough to say that I don't suffer fools gladly, but I do get bored very easily and I often roll my eyes in a non visible manner, especially at work. He thinks along the same lines as do I. He is one of dozen or so at work, 300 odd, who I can complain to about workmates. He does his job exceptionally well, perhaps better than I do. My customer service skills are lacking. He is just so nice, he can't help but be helpful.

I better add a bit more background. In years past I had my own personal fag hag. I worked with her and she was possibly a dyke. Her girlfriend thought so. She was a bit fragile at times. She left my workplace to become a 'receptionist' in a brothel. Ah what fun we had. Lunches out, giggling insanely under the influence of something. Pulling out her falling out hair extensions on a tram. I even inflicted her on V. once. Remember Helena at Cafe 151 V? I probably owe you an apology. Helena was confused. She also liked blokes. I recall her having a fling with a St Kilda Road, St Kilda, tattooist. He sounded hot. Part Maori I believe. Last I heard, she was married with two children and living in the country. It wasn't until she left, that I learnt she had been living in a unit next door to Mother and she and Step Father had had many chats.

Fag hags are quite useful though. As well as being good fun, they tell you about straight guys. She had a two girl threesome with my afore mentioned straight workmate. It was a good while after she left my workplace that she told me about him and what happened. I am sure you don't want the base details :-P. Of course her tale added some excitement to my thoughts of him.

Can I give him a name? Nick will do. That is a good Greek name. I told Nick about Helena's frank revelations. His face went red.

To the point. He started saying something about AM radio on the radio and I realised even he could talk nonsense. A digital radio can do FM radio, but not AM. Because I already knew he was smart enough, there must be something to this. It is when you are not directly looking at the screen, he said. He held his radio on an angle. It had to be at the right angle to see, which seemed to entail him resting his bare arm on mine. I felt his chest pressing on my shoulder. I felt his leg resting atop mine. I felt entangled. We parted. What is going on here?

I pulled my digi radio out again and switched it on. I immediately saw what he was on about. There are kind of non readable things on the screen that you can only see at an angle. Look Nick, I can see it too. He then positively draped himself over me to see it. I felt sensations that I had not felt since I was a teenager.

There is nothing wrong with young straight guys teasing older gay men. I quite approve of it. He knew that I knew what he was doing.

The question is why did he do that?

I have thought about what some fun with him might be like many times in the past, but it had never really jelled in my mind. I tried to think about it again after this incident, and still it doesn't work for me.

What I can vividly imagine is him softly singing a Greek love song into my ear and I am melting under his ministrations, I can feel his weight, his skin, his breath and his soft voice in my ear, but I don't know where to go to from there. This is not the gay sex I know.

There is little in life that surprises me, but hmmm, I am a bit taken aback about what that was all about.


  1. And I bet he waxes...

  2. ... taken aback ...

  3. Anonymous12:59 am

    Yeah, I do vaguely remember her. It was years ago, right? V.

  4. Anonymous8:51 am

    Just take it as a compliment Andrew.

  5. if straights can flirt with each other, and gays can flirt with each other, then where is it written that the divide cannot be crossed? Maybe he was just showing you that he had absolutely no prejudices, maybe he wanted you to know that back in ancient Greece there was a lot of gayorgeousness going on?
    The point of flirting is that it should make one dance home to The Partner in a very good mood.

    re the Greek blondeness may I refer you to the Duke of Endingbugger who is Greek and was a beautiful blond boi when Lord Mountingbatten took him over during WW2 In The Navy.

  6. He does not Jayne. He is a very natural and unpretentious guy.

    I was a little taken aback too Julie.

    V, it would have been the early 1990s I think.

    I do Anon, but still I wonder why.

    'The point of flirting is that it should make one dance home to The Partner in a very good mood.' Love it Emstacks. We know a little about Mountbatten, don't we.

  7. Phew, I had a warm feeling all over.....

    Now to the serious bit, what is it you are supposed to see on the Digital radio screen? I held one of my two digital radios at all angles and did not see anything unreadable but I did get a surprising display of changing colours.

  8. .. and Mrs Mountingthebatons had a taste for the dusky.

  9. yes perzackerly. not to hijack Hot Andrew's topic here, but didn't they all have an absolute Hypocritic Nerve to demean Sarah and Diana, neither of whom, at their worst, came anywhere near the slack behaviour of all previous royals.

  10. Victor, there is an AMFM written and a loudspeaker symbol. Neither show when looking at the radio square on.

    Did she really LS. She would have liked India then.

    Nor were they pursued by the media Emstacks.

  11. "would have liked India" is an understatement -
    she was the ViceRoy Reine of The Last Raj and it was Knees-Up for Nehru the whole time.

    then of course they separated Pakistan for all the Indian muslims and got out of town before things turned really ugly.

  12. What I meant Emstacks. Their departure was unduly hasty, was it not.