Saturday, January 29, 2011

Outrage? Slander? Truth? Just former planning minister Justin Madden

Sorry, this is a bit stale but still of concern. From The Age:

Upon completion, Martha Cove (that would be Safety Beach methinks, previously known as Shark Bay) will reportedly include 1150 homes configured as medium-density houses and flats, at least 600 marina berths, a shopping centre and parks, development manager Jamie Jowett says.

The project was approved in 2002, after the site's then owner — renowned for getting difficult south-eastern suburb projects through planning at the time — made its largest-ever political contribution. By early 2005 when the first stages were being marketed, more donations were made to Labor MP Tim Holding and former Narre Warren MLA Dale Wilson.

Mr Madden made the decision to "call in" decision-making powers for the project earlier this year on the request of developer the Barton Group, and has since formed a working group to review a proposal. At 38 levels, the proposed tower (below) would make Box Hill recognisable from anywhere in Melbourne with an eastern suburbs aspect.

In South Yarra, a consortium of developers has been granted approval to demolish the historic Capitol Bakery building on the north-west corner of Toorak Road and Chapel Street, and replace it with the suburb's most iconic landmark so far.

The $150 million Capitol project will soar to 38 levels and include apartments atop a new shopping centre.

Port Melbourne's tallest buildings rise about 20 levels. But The Age recently cited a senior government source as saying a Kuwaiti billionaire sheikh's development company had received a "nod and a wink" that approval would be granted by the Planning Department after yesterday's election for a 28-level, $200 million glass tower overlooking Station Pier.

Original date: 02/12/10


  1. When I visited Ireland I went to Dingle in the south-west. Lonely Planet made it sound idyllic and isolated. When you look at old photographs, it certainly was. But now, there are lines of identical tourist houses lining the nearby land. People were telling me there about politicians and developers being closely aligned, and they have certainly managed to wreck the place. Sadly it is probably a form of corruption happening quietly in many places.

  2. I can swear?
    F'kn turds wouldn't recognise beauty/heritage/value if it jumped up and bit them on the nose.

  3. KN, we are inclined at times to be morally superior about corruption in the third world, but the only difference I see is that in Western countries, it is for big money and not for the proles to get mixed up in. What happened in Ireland was a disgrace and as per usual, the poor suffer the most.

    Jayne, if it is about Madden, please swear more.

  4. HHHMMMmmm... What are you trying to say?!?!?!

    Maybe there's a special 'Planning Minister' training course somewhere? They all seem to be the same!

  5. ooh I went to Dingle too. It was lovely.

    Pretty colours Andrew

  6. Red, I know a little of NSW and QLD planning, and yes, I think you are right but our Jussy was the creme de la creme of planning ministers. I think he wrote the training manual.

    By ferry or plane Fen. Colours, I walk on the wild side. I am a rainbow person, not a beige.

  7. Justin just keeps getting better and better.

    What a toady dipstick pile of shite!

    (And I'm remembering to be polite as I was taught as a young country lad.)

  8. Seems like he maturing into a responsible person while out of government. :-P

  9. I won't call you bitchy, Shirley.

    He really ought to be advised to never open his mouth or appear anywhere this side of a black hole.

  10. We drove a little car and were almost wiped out by a foreign driver who had forgotten what side of the road they were meant to be on.

  11. LS, I like to keep getting new ammunition.

    Fen, Great Ocean Road was it? Happens there a lot.