Monday, January 03, 2011

Net friends of the past

In my very early days of the internet I came across Craig and John who were a gay couple of non racist skinheads and they lived in Caboolture Queensland. They came to mind because of the Queensland floods and Caboolture was mentioned. Using ICQ I suppose or MIRC I chewed the cud with Craig for a good while. We even tried voice communication over the net, which then was not so great. I only communicated with Craig and our discussions were many and varied but of course of lot of it was about sex but also politics. While I never saw Craig in a particularly sexual manner, even though he was very free in sending explicit photos, his partner John sounded interesting to me. Down the track I learnt that John had some lust for me. They visited Melbourne and I met them for coffee at the now closed Cafe 151.

As I am wont to do, I made an only slightly sarky comment on chat one night to Craig. He did not take in the humorous manner meant, but told me to eff off eff face. So I did. I now realise he was probably affected by drugs. A few days later an email arrived querying why I hadn't been online of late. Of course I had but I wasn't appearing to him. I ignored the email and while I felt sad, it was right. So ended lesson #1 about chatting on the internet.

But I am an emotional soul. I miss a few bloggers from the past such as Robyn and Jo from Bitches Closet and Mikey the cyclist who both come to mind but I just perused my 'Resting, Dead or Infrequently Upadated' blog roll list and there are many I liked. They stopped blogging and so the connection and the bonhomie ends.


  1. It is sad when friends disappear, sometimes without an explanation.
    Have to remind myself that old adage people are in our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime.
    And hope I gave them as many pleasant memories as they shared with me :)

  2. Sarky, Andrew? You? Nah...

  3. I know that feeling of missing online friends, just like they dropped of the earth. I think we all have that happening to us, we evolve...

  4. Wise words Jayne. I can play the game but I still have the emotions of a teenager.

    Brian, after the right number of chardys, I can do bitchy queen, which if far higher than sarky.

    So Peter, you would conclude that it is not worth putting in effort for online friends as they will disappoint? I know you don't think that and nor do I.

  5. I've tried to find some, but was not lucky to track them. But in harsh times, like the flooding now in Queensland, you want to make sure they are alright.

  6. Peter, I have put a lot of effort into online relationships at times. Mostly with failure, but the ones that have succeeded and became personal, I truly treasure. There is one person I know via my blog who I am now concerned about. I must do something.

  7. ooh I wanna see the bitchy queen!

    It's sad when bloggers leave, especially if you really enjoy their writings. I often wonder how they are doing.

  8. I think often about some 'past' bloggers.

    Why did they suddenly stop their blogging? What changed in their lives? Are they OK?

    I also wonder about those whose blogs become private password protected zones without warning?

    Did I offend them? Am I target of their blocking?

    Sometimes the blogging of others inadvertantly plays on our own insecurities.

  9. Fen, I save it for close friends where I can be ever so politically incorrect.

    Victor, that password protected thing is interesting and I felt as you did the first time I saw it, but subsequent investigation told me that the blog had gone or had been locked down. It was never anything towards a single person. I haven't seen it for a while though. There was one that became properly password protected but it was announced in advance and gave regulars an opportunity to receive the password.