Monday, January 31, 2011

More on the spam

Spam nuts, how gross.

After a petition was gathered protesting about me turning on word verification for comments, well one person had issues, I decided to see just how good Blogspot's auto spam protection is. Comments on all older posts is allowed and word verification is off. I haven't had one spam of any sort in three days, but nothing in the spam folder either, meaning there hasn't even been an attempt.

Weird. I guess my actions have confused the spam bots.


  1. Maybe you can test it out yourself and make a spam comment on one of your older posts to see if the google thing works?

    I've often wondered!!

  2. I didn't even know there was a spam folder! Hah!

  3. Turn on moderation for older posts, that's where the spam bots hit, but yeah, after you've 'nominated' spam yourself and sent it packing to the folder, it works out which is who ;)

  4. I'll do that KN. Fun.

    Yours will no doubt need emptying then Fen. No doubt you will see comments from mates who no longer speak to you because you delete their comments.

    It was Jayne and I had it on, anything older than two weeks, but since turning it off, spam has stopped.