Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Le Grande Cirque

Remember when Dreaded Nephew was living and working in Glasgow, and his mother, Sis in Law went over to visit him? Sis in Law must have maxxed out her cards and Dreaded Nephew had moved to London and did not realise how expensive it was and then they travelled and of course ran out of money.

It was a good bit of botheration at the time and only because we had just sold our flat, we were able to help them out with some cash and air fares home, $2,400. Had it been a couple of months earlier, it would have been cash advances on our credit cards to send them money.

I'm think it was last year, 2010, but I think it may well have been 2009. A month or so ago Dreaded Nephew repaid all the money. He is a good lad and of course should he be in need of cash in the future, the gay uncles will be good for it.

Sis in Law mysteriously asked me over the phone before we met at Sorrento last week what I was doing this Tuesday. Working I said, and I was immediately afraid and cautious. What about the weekend she said? Hesitantly I said, nothing planned. Tell you later, she said and hung up.

When we met up with her at Sorrento, she handed us an envelope and contained within was a nice thank you note for lending her and Dreaded Nephew the money and two tickets to Le Grand Cirque. The tickets were for Sunday night at the Regent Theatre, so convenient for us. Though it was not something I would pay to see, the performance and talent were very good and the time passed quickly. Of course it would not be me if I didn't whinge. So much clapping gave me a headache. Can't people just clap at the end of a performance and not along the way? Never mind, watching lithe young men contort themselves and perform extraordinary physical feats is good to watch.


  1. HHHMMMmmm... every cloud has a silver lining, huh?!?!

  2. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Looks like Cirque du Soleil. Is it the same company? Vik.

  3. Guess so Red.

    V, fairly sure it is a different company, but I suspect much the same stuff.

  4. Nice to hear of real thanks and appreciation, not to mention payment in full, these days!

  5. 'watching lithe young men contort themselves and perform extraordinary physical feats is good to watch.'

    In my case the sentence would simply read 'watching lithe young men is good'

  6. Yep Jayne. He really is a good kid, well man now.

    So true Victor.

  7. So much clapping gave me a headache

    LOVE YOU!!!

  8. The clapping was over the top, but the cast paused for applause and they mostly received it.