Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gifting myself Gerry

It is allowed. I scraped together a few pence and bought myself a christmas present for myself as I am a good bloke. It is a digital radio and it works very well around the highrise, unlike the multitude of other radios around the highrise that give static and get interference from everything from the electric toothbrush to the computer. It has non removable batteries and the charge lasts about 16 hours, depending on whether the speaker or ear buds are used. It works well enough out on the street and on trams and buses too. Digital radio does not give you static. It either works or the sound cuts out. It was patchy reception on the Bellarine Peninsula. Just in case our Brian is au fait with such machines, Australia uses a different system to the UK. UK uses DAB and we use DAB+. They are not compatible. The plus indicates the radio comes with a serve of French Fries.

Sister just bought herself a larger digital radio. She paid $80 for her Bush. Mine cost a good bit more. I had ummed and ahhed about it for a good bit of time, but not to the point where R yelled, for god's sake, just buy it.

Dear Gerry Harvey's Harvey Norman was the only store where I could see it and pick it up and hold it. It looked smart, felt heavy. I liked it. Gerry's bloke on the floor would not discount it from its $189 price. Righto. I shall think about it and thank you for showing me your goods.

Oh lala. I can buy it much much cheaper online from overseas. Buying from overseas is of course riskier than buying locally online. I can't go and fire bomb an outlet so easily if it overseas and my purchase fails to proceed.

Nah, I shall buy locally and pay my Goods and Services Tax. $149 online, postage and extra $7.50 or pick up in Moonee Ponds. That is $40 cheaper than Harvey Norman. HN will match prices from other stores, but not what you can buy online. I paid up online and despatched R the next day on the Craigieburn train to collect it. I gave him explicit directions and he foolishly trusted me. I said exit the station, go under the subway walk and turn left into Margaret, right into Hall, left in Everage.

I forget if it is a subway or level pedestrian crossing at Moonee Ponds Station to get to Puckle Street, but evidently there is a subway north of Hall Street, so that made mockery of my directions. He needed to turn right into Margaret Street. To salvage myself, I sang the qualities of suburban walks in Moonee Ponds and what interesting housing it has. He was forced to agree. He had done a bit of circuit.

I am very happy with new digital wireless. There is even a QLD Flood station, thanks to our ABC. Some of the channels puzzle me, mostly music stations. There are four test stations, which also seem to be music. But what sort of radio station would be called Barry?


  1. You know ... that Manilow fella ...

    I read all that bloody palaver about Moonee Ponds.

    Gerry Harvey is a nong!

    Apropos of nothing ... there is a FB thing exhorting all state governments to not have Australia Day fireworks but to donate the money to the QLD Premier's Appeal. Have this people not heard of plannimg ahead and contractual obligations?

  2. "She paid $80 for her Bush."

    I am so tempted...but no.

  3. Have been considering a solar powered digital model...but will wait til I've saved the pennies.
    Not often Brian restrains himself like that, must be something you said, Andrew :P

  4. I wont be trading in my Chuckler's Weekly Blue Certificate Crystal Set any time soon.

    "Have this people not heard of plannimg ahead and contractual obligations?"

    Apparently Tony Abbott has chosen to ignore that in his cheap conflated shot against the NBN. He's execrable. (Not that I'm telling anyone anything they didn't already know or suspect.)

  5. Ooo ... two of my favourite words ... Abbott excreable.

  6. I've been looking at this for a while, having seen one late last year. My only apprehension is that it becomes another thing to carry in my pocket. Ideally, they'll start putting the chips in mobile phones. In the meantime, I'm listening to FM where possible and streaming occasionally as I walk to and from work.

  7. Poor Gerry Harvey he really is hard done by for a billionaire i feel so sad not. I've walked the streets of Moonee Ponds when i was growing up in the area and know them very well indeed.

  8. Gosh! The 'quality' of aural experiences you had pre-dig-radio sounds positively Back O'Bourke!!

  9. Ah Julie, your blog is all class but you clutter mine with your rants. It amuses me. I don't get the Manilow reference. I saw him on tv last week. Oh such a sad appearance. Would 'the people' really care about the cost of getting out of contracts? It is all about style. I can picture press conferences, KK, our Jules, Teddy from down here, and of course the people's hero Anna, all at a joint press conference announcing the axing of the Oz Day fireworks. Its a no brainer political winner.

    Brian, what are you on about? Next thing you will be doing is accusing me of writing set up lines for you.

    Why solar powered Jayne when we perfectly good lovely wet brown coal to generate us our electric.

    And LS, don't you wish you'd kept it. It could have pride of place on your very special shelf even now.

    Julie, leave the self ingratiating to me. I am expert.

    James, there is perhaps a reception problem for you with the mountainous Sydney terrain. Better that you not bother with that large bulge in your pocket.

    Hi Windsmoke. I am a little reluctant to ask, but hey,it is Saturday night. Did you walk the streets of Moonee Ponds in a professional capacity?

    Careful Red. You will get slapped with gay bitch tag, which you can pin to your bosom and wear with pride.

  10. I now have 2 digi radios as the one I got Dad for Christmas doesn't work at his house. I don't mind, I like them. Though I do miss the static caused by approaching storms.

  11. Fen, even in some inner Melbourne areas the signal is pretty weak. First alert for a storm used to be our dogs, and then the static on the radio.

  12. Yes, we have Barry too as well as Gorilla, Zoo and Red Radio amongst others. And what about those stations whose names begin with a question mark?

  13. Something odd about those digital radios. I have two at home and if I play the two of them at the same time (same station naturally) one is always slightly behind the other creating a strange echo effect.

  14. Victor, maybe they are test stations. That is strange about the out of sync sound. Perhaps one takes longer to process the signal. Our digital tvs are the same, one is like an echo of the other. Never happened with analogue.