Monday, January 10, 2011

Down to Earth

Sometimes it helps to understand the world by bringing things back to most basic of basic.

I think I was nineteen when I worked in an Oakleigh hotel. We were having after work drinks, back in the days when pubs closed at 10pm. As I was rubbing her private bits down there with my socked foot under the table, she was telling me how much she loved her husband. I can't recall her name, but her husband's name was Tom.

"I love him so much, I have to think of him sitting on the toilet to stop myself". Her meaning was clear to me, as she pressed harder against my foot.

I think I just heard something on tv along those lines. Cut to the chase and think of someone you adore and then bring yourself back to earth with thinking of them performing a bodily function, or even in orgasmic throes.

No matter how rich or high your are, we are all human and function in very much the same way, races, religion, one head or two, proddy, wog, skip, boong or muslim and everything in between.


  1. Good to see you were protected with that sock....

  2. Thanks for the tip Andrew. Now I know how to cool my ardour for you.

  3. My toe nails might have been sharp too Jayne.

    Victor, forgive me. I was young and foolish.

  4. christ on a bike Highriser!

    I bet she remembers your name.
    But 'stop herself' from what?
    Had she realised that anything beyond Laundry, Lunch and Lust, is too much love for most men?

    The movie War Of The Roses has a hilarious footsie scene where the dining table was glass. I think it happens right before the Michael Douglas husband pisses in the pot roast. We've all had dinner parties like that.

  5. Em Stacks, you may well have had dinner parties like that, I have not. Although I do recall the 'last supper' at Glen Iris. I have it recorded and now transferred to dvd. Six stoned queens who had a friend who had just had a 'nervous breakdown' and we were eating over salted lasagne.

    I truly cannot remember her name. I can remember what she looked and what Tom looked like. He was no great shakes.