Monday, January 10, 2011

Cooling Highriser

My work place is kind of air conditioned when the weather is hot. It is patchy. My car was stinking hot after sitting in the blazing sun in the car park, and the aircon would just not cool it down very well, no matter how cold my face felt as it was blasted with chilled air.

Oh the bliss of arriving home into the cool highrise, away from the world and people. Except R imagines that window tinting and bedroom fans means that the highrise does not get hot. Oh yes it does. The thermometer said 26 degrees when I walked in and that was uncomfortable. I complained and switched the air con on. R takes note of the thermometer. I don't. If I feel hot, I turn the cooling on. If I feel cold, I switch it to heating. We have barely used the aircon cooling or heating since early October. The private electric companies must be crying at our mild weather.

The idea of the bedroom overhead fans was to turn the air con off at night, and we can, so long as the bedrooms are already cool. My bedroom, being in the west wing, gets late afternoon sun and gets hot. It needs the place to be cooled for a good time before the cool flows through.

I am all very pro saving the environment, unless it affects my comfort and sanity. Now chuck so more of the filthy brown coal into the boiler and make more electric. My sanity and ability to function depend on it.


  1. Heat? What is that? I vaguely recall something about it in legends...

  2. I'm saving the environment by not keeping countless factories in business by not buying endless appliances while throwing away perfectly good ones, so in my opinion, using the odd bit of air con is easily offset!

    Or maybe I'm just delusional!!

  3. Brian, it is when your trams need air-conditioning. It does happen.

    Well done you Red. You are saving the world.

  4. my work gets so freakin' cold overnight we have to bring in our own heaters/blankets to stop ourselves from becoming snap frozen. Ugh.

  5. Sometimes Fen, I wonder when you walk into a shop and it is lovely and cool compared to the heat outside, whether it might be a little too cool for staff who work there all day.