Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas Gift

I was struggling to think of something to buy R for christmas. I did some online looking and The Good Guys had this machine for a very good price. We have often talked of getting one but we had also heard tales of the food processors getting put away in the cupboard, along with the breadmaker, the George Foreman grill and the sandwich toaster, and never used.

R did not have a clue what was in the large box under our modest christmas tree. It wasn't until Boxing Day night that we were home to exchange gifts. Unwrap it yes, I said, but think about whether you really want it before removing it from its box. I can return it and get something else. He has used it a few times since christmas but the jury is still out as to whether it will remain on the bench.

On the odd occasion I cook, it will be a marvellous toy. It takes me forever just to chop up an onion. Whereas R is quite skilled with vegetable knife and I would guess he could cut a small amount of vegetables just as quickly as using the machine.

There wasn't enough wrapping paper left over to wrap the gift properly, so I cobbled together sheets of the free Leunig wrapping paper from the newspaper. R wraps gifts very well. I don't. It took me half an hour just to wrap that one box.

What I like about the machine is the tilt out blade storage area. There are six different blades for various purposes. All of them would slice your finger perfectly well.


  1. Many recipes actually require a processor, and cannot be made any other way. It looks gorgeous.
    Is it child-proof?

  2. We've got one. Not this specific one, but similar. It's indispensable. (Along with the ice cream maker, the Kenwood patisserie, the sanger press and the very non electronic mezzaluna.)

  3. I'm all for machines that make food preparation easier. However, as designated chief washer-upper and lazy bugger of the house, I prefer the humble knife.

  4. Kind of Ann. No kid could get the top off but the blades in the storage part are very sharp. I can attest to that. Back of bench where it is well out of child reach.

    Good enough for the Lord Sedgwick manor, then good enough for here.

    Is that a sharp knife Brian? I imagine your knife to be very sharp.

  5. It looks really neat. I hope it works out well for you guys.

    Personally, I'm with Brian though. Gadgets like that freak me out a bit. Tim likes them though. I'll use them sometimes with his heavy guidance and supervision.

  6. Dina, I should Tim would be pretty expert with such gadgets.

  7. Enjoy - have never had a food processor myself, nor a microwave - but my daughters do and they are wonderful

  8. I so want to use it MC, but I can't just put vegetables through it and chuck them out.