Friday, January 28, 2011

Bourke Street Mall amble

Just a few photos from Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall.

This is the very nice David Jones building. There other DJ building is nearly directly across the mall. This was originally the old Coles store. I can remember eating in Coles Cafeteria once. The staff all wore nice uniforms and there was a dumb waiter for either the food, the dirty dishes or both.

A nice non matching pair. There is on old sign on the one on your left, Public Benefit Bootery.

The Royal Arcade entrance. RA has just had tidy up and it is now filled with natural light.

Myer has a very big frontage. Look at the wonderful windows that are now being used. They were all covered over before its major reno.

The other David Jones store, originally Buckley and Nunns. The name Buckley and Nunn is still there in kind of mosaic panels.

Barry Humphries is fond of mentioning the Leviathan Building. This is it on the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets.

Across Swanston Street is this very ordinary building, ugly in fact. However at night by the use of clever lighting, it looks quite pretty and very blue. I have looked for a photo online, but I can't find one. I have seen one before.


  1. There was a fuss when that building went up - the undulating verandah thingy frightened some letter-writers.
    It was Royal Mail House, late 60's.
    (link is to SLV so I hope it works)

  2. That last building during winter has a light show across its front - I can't remember the actual details, but it gives the impression of people walking in front of multi coloured lights which are being projected onto the facade on Bourke St.

    p.s. I am sure the pic of Rafter had nothing to do with you taking a photo of that either, hmmm?

  3. here is the Pat Rafter building with the Lightmoves colored light show on the facade, and
    isn't that coat of arms on top of Royal Arcade just gorgeous.

  4. Is that verandah still there? I must check next time I am in town. Even in the slv photo, it still looks crap but thanks for the link.

    I do recall hearing about that Msilsby, but I believe it has permanent lighting now. What Rafter picture? Oh yeah, I didn't notice that.

    RA is totally gorgeous, as is the other one. Name? I forget. Thanks for the link. At least people get an idea of what it looks like lit.

  5. What a nice classical buildings.

    word ver: rubbishh

  6. Terrific shots of the historic buildings. I love seeing them.

  7. Thanks J Bar. So many people walk along the mall and never look up. I spend so much time looking up nowadays it is a wonder I haven't tripped and broken a leg.

  8. Peter, Melbourne does have some very nice old buidlings, mostly built in Victorian times, funded by mined gold.

  9. I really like Melbourne - would love to move there but am torn - One daughter lives in Sydney and the other there - both are asking for me to come down - won't live to close to either as not a good thing 0 but so we can see each other once ever so often - but I can't make the choice...which one

  10. I suppose apart from emotional attachment to where Don lived for so long, there isn't a lot to keep you in PM. Well, your sister is not too far away is she.