Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A rich person who does good works is Australian of the Year. I guess he is better than a rich person who does no good works. I consider some recipients of Australia Day awards very worthy, most not. That Watsons Bay bloke who has offered comfort and tea to those considering suicide at The Gap is among the worthy. Officially, he has prevented 160 from making the dive. Unofficially, perhaps 400.

While I like Jessica Watson and admire what she achieved, how did she help anyone in any other way than the very oblique?

Ex Federal Treasurer Costello received an award, for just doing his job. I have done my job, where is my award? Andrew Highriser, for 32 years of faithful service in your employment.....I guess they know how much I dislike about my workplace and only apathy and a lack of ambition have kept me there.

There are countless numbers of people who voluntarily contribute to our community in many different ways. Where are their awards? Ok, a few do get them. More should receive them, at the expense of the rich who are just doing their job.

There are three or so places I plan to leave some money to. One will be a wildlife carer operation. How many of those wildlife carer people received an award? How many working single fathers of four received an award? How many Sea Shepherd volunteers who have saved countless whales have received an award?

May as well go back to giving out Sirs and Dames.


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    I am with you Andrew.. where is my award too? LOL.
    Sir Andrew.. that has a nice ring to it :)

  2. Heard part of an interview with Simon McKeon on Jon Faine's radio spot - he's not a bad bloke.
    Donald Ritchie - what an angel he's been for so many families.

  3. Mmmm ... reminds me of the Primary School who did not want any one left out and ensured that every child in every class received a medal to go around their neck.

    i feel certain that if all Simon McKeon had done, was to be CEO of Macquarie Bank, then he would not have received AotY. I disagree with the award to Jessica Whatshername, too. AotY is like a Rhodes Scholarship - you have to be active in a number of different arenas over a period of time.

    Sutherland received a Damedom, and all she did was sing. I am ignorant of what criteria is used.

  4. ^^ WTF?!?!
    Now I'm just confused

  5. It does Cazzie. That will be my title when I become a benevolent dictator.

    I heard the full interview Jayne. Yes not a bad bloke. He can afford to be.

    Not so at all Julie. It is about people who do good things for no personal interest or remuneration who make a world a bit better. Yes, the list is long.

    Of course Simon whatever received the award for what he has done and I don't dis what he has done, but he was in a position to so. He has denied being a sliver spoon, but admits he never went hungry. Rich people doing good publicly approved charitable works is easy.

  6. Confused by the spam Fen? I am gonna have to turn word verification on.

  7. yeah, I was very confused.
    If I had money to take time off work to do charity work, then maybe I would. I guess it's easier when you're blessed with money to start with. I simply cannot afford to take time off :(

  8. No no .. I wasn't implying the list was like giving to everyone. What I was targetting was you lot wanting one too for just doing your job.

    Simon whatsit doesn't take time off his work to do good deeds. Read his CV. He is a busy lad. And it says he works at Mac-Bank part-time. That could easily still be 40 hours per week, investment banking being what it is.

    No, you have to keep up your job, AND do something selfless, during the other hours. Most of us dont have that energy or that vision.

    I dont.

  9. we can all be Philanthropists every day in many small ways, contributing, assisting, encouraging - none of which require cash; and our reward is the inner knowledge of merely being A Decent Person.
    arise ... Sir Hot-Andrew

  10. Anonymous9:16 am

    These awards are so cringe worthy and not deserving in most cases.

    99% go to people for just doing their jobs, wtf?

  11. That's it Fen.

    Julie, I don't deny he is worthy, the point is that he is in a position to do wonderful things. Most aren't, yet some still achieve magnificent things or try at least and are never recognised.

    Thanks Emstacks. Do I have to swear allegiance to Betty?

    No argument from me anon.

  12. ....some of the winners in the 1990s were pretty ordinary - sportsmen/women and singers. Talented yes, but life-changers no.

    .....I received a letter a month ago saying that someone nominated me but was knocked back. Nice of the ex-cricketer on the committee (name escapes me right now) for letting me know. All for earning a tiny council grant and picking up litter!

  13. Maybe next time Kath. Did you see the story about the bloke who walks a river everyday and for one hour picks up rubbish? He has done it for years. I can't remember if he received an award, but he is the type that should.