Thursday, January 27, 2011

Art Deco Calendar

This year we did not receive a calendar as a gift so again I bought the Art Deco and Modernism Society calendar. I believe they are still available at through the society's website. You can see last year's here.


  1. I followed your link to last year and ended up commenting on 'minge', which is not very Style Moderne
    well maybe it is, deco has lotsa nekkid ladies.
    and now I have remembered yet again and too late that all this is on permanent record at The National Archives

  2. Well! I hope you were rewarded for your troubles by paying the reduced 'post-Xmas' rate that seems to apply to all calendars not sold b4 Xmas!!

  3. I got myself a BOM calendar, it has lovely pics and interesting weather info!

  4. It is a word I am familiar with Emstacks. They only archive once a year.

    Nope Red. I see it as a bit of a donation anyway.

    I bought three for other people Fen, but they are a bit too big for where we hang ours.

  5. The building in the calendar looked awfully familiar but I couldn't quite place it. I had definitely seen it many times before. I eventually took a closer look and realised what it was (I use to drive past the it almost everyday for 10 years!).

  6. Yes, in Canberra. Last year the calendar was only Melbourne buildings.