Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Willow

ABI Brother has tickets for the cricket on Boxing Day. Sister has some for the third day. Ho hum, boring. I understand interest in sport. I never really get the passion for it. However, there is one thing that can arouse my interest in sport and this time it is cricketer Mitchell Johnston. Might Mitchell be an offside spinner or does he just whack a ball to the outer?

Pics from Fairfax Press and The Guardian.

Later edit: I said to Bone Doctor that maybe cricket wasn't so bad and that I was developing an interest. She replied, 'What's his name?'.


  1. Meh, too metrosexual for me, you can have him :P
    I'm all for Pommy crickter James Anderson, Mitchell Johnson's sledging mate ;)

  2. Must be a bit absent minded. He seems to have forgotten his kit in the last two photos.

  3. Ha! Might not even get to the 3rd day at this rate!! Wonder are there any sportspeople without underwear contracts?

  4. Sport? Pfft! If I cared less I'd be dead.

    But he's cute..

  5. What you have agin metrosexuals Jayne? After all, look at your own long suffering bit of stuff? Not too many can get away with pink tee shirts.

    Not absent minded enough Brian. He should forget more.

    Possibly not Red. They need to promote themselves more.

    Great to look at River, but who could be bothered with the hard work that celeb sports people are.

  6. He's a fast bowler and he a knobber. Can't stand him and his sledging. No matter how nice and toned his body may be, that personality makes me want to punch him in the goolies.

  7. Fen, did I say I wanted to talk to him?

  8. true that, gag him...