Friday, December 10, 2010

What you haven't read

My unpublished blog post number has been reduced from a high of 32 ten days ago down to 17, a manageable number. I only deleted one (I was trying to make a point. I will make it another way in the future. Western woman are sluts was misleading to the content of the post and it failed to make the point) and another, not yet published, was severely edited so as not to offend. A couple have sat there for a few years. They may never see the light of day, but I like having them there. I would like to get the number of unpublished down to about 10. Oops, I just looked at a photo and there is another pending post.

While it is obvious that I am a serious blog person, is it a bit weird to have such a backlog? I try to get topical things out there quickly, but other posts can be saved for a polishing and a rainy day.


  1. Having posts in reserve is excellent management dear Highriser. You are indeed an A-grade Blogger - versatile, informative, and amusing.
    I am constantly aware that the National Archive is saving every word that appears here (of course you notice how well-behaved I am).
    mwah mwah

  2. Thank you Ann. I try.

  3. My backlog stands at 1 and i'm not sure I'll ever find the brains to finish it!!!

  4. Commenting was how I started in 2005 and then I realised it was only kind to have something waiting for anyone who followed my name link back.
    I don't actually care much about any of my blogs, and there are enough 5-star bloggers without me trying.
    That's So Pants and CastIronBalcony do superb work though.
    HighRiser deserves it's place in The National Archive too.

  5. Is it a juicy one Fen?

    That is how I started a blog too MOD. My comments were getting overly long, so I thought maybe I should have a blog.

  6. sorta, it's about designer vaginas and boob jobs LOL!