Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Those Photos

I knew one day I would find Twitter useful, even if it was only to find a couple of pictures.


  1. I am not impressed.. - sizewise that is .. :p

  2. Not so much squawking from the AFL when it was allegedly Fev leaking Bingle's nude photo.

  3. I found them on tumblr.

  4. I thought this was quite funny. Nearly always the girlfriend seems to be the victim of such things, but in this case, not...

  5. Andrew*Ettinghausen got a huge payout after photos of him in the shower were published.
    I thought the Defence Counsel failed to do a job I could have done better.
    The 'St.Kilda schoolgirl' in this new case, has certainly got a sorry future ahead of her.

  6. Yes, I too used twitter to find them! Then wished I hadn't!

  7. Yep Mirebella, I was expecting a bit more.

    AFL double standards Jayne? Surely not.

    Ok Ian. While only I knew of Tumblr, I took a look at it. Ho hum. Noted you did comment on size.

    KN, it is a lot of nonsense, only made serious by the 'victim' defending himself. Who really cares.

    He did Emstacks. Slipped my mind. It was only a civil matter. Like to see NW sue the girl.

    Mildly interesting Fen, especially being shaved. He is not letting anyone know he is a red head.

  8. hahahahah is that why he does it? I thought it was to make it look longer!!

  9. It does have that effect too.


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