Monday, December 27, 2010

Thanks so much. It is lovely.

One ought not appear ungrateful but what do some people observe around them?

For more than five years you will have only seen me in a shirt with a collar, with or without a jacket. It is a long time since I have worn a tee, yet a friend twice has bought me tee shirts he has picked up cheaply in Asian countries. They are kind of ok tees, if you are in the habit of wearing tee shirts. Clearly he has never noticed that I don't. Young men and women don't seem to care about their flab being exposed when wearing a tee shirt, but I think for me a proper shirt is a bit more flattering. I am not a fool in so far as what I am wearing or not wearing is not going to matter to many, but it matters a bit to me. You can't make silk purse out of sow's ear, but you can present it with a little parsley to garnish.

At some point Mother must have noticed that we had a lot of antique furniture. She appears to have not noticed anything about our style of decoration since. The antiques were ditched long ago but she seems to think that dark brown timber picture frames are the go for us.

She did get mine partly right this year with a nice black and sliver picture frame with a picture of Late Step Father in it, but although Mother has a good eye for clothes and what works, surprisingly she chose a photo of Late Step Father wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt with a v neck red and black diamond shapes knitted jumper.

Well I may wonder about what I receive. Mother excelled herself with R's christmas gift, an empty photo frame surrounded my a mirrored border decorated with chrome filigree and bits of coloured plastic made to look like jewels. We will not even put it out when she visits tomorrow in a pretence that we like it. I wish she would show signs of senility so we would have something to blame.

We did receive some nice gifts, but tonight I am feeling reactionary about this christmas cheer and botheration.


  1. I'm not a fan of thoughtless gifts either. And I hate when people say "It's the thought that counts." Then why didn't they THINK????

    Or the "You should be grateful you got SOMETHING." I'd much rather get nothing. Nothingness doesn't create clutter.

    I think Christmas would be much better if it was minus all the gift exchanging.

    That's very interesting that your mom put a picture of your stepfather in the frame she got you......

  2. I never wear Tee shirts myself...except underneath proper shirts. If you leave the round collar visible that seems to keep everybody happy.

  3. The best thing is two words: gift voucher. They can be swapped (or cashed in with someone else if I get petrol vouchers -- I don't drive). Then again, I don't do the Christmas thing anyway, so a lot of grief is spared.

  4. Buy your own pressies, wrap 'em then give 'em to your mum to put under the tree for you ;)

  5. I would have preferred frankincense, gold, and myrrh, to the gift I got from my nearest relative.
    He gave me the same thing he gave to his friend's 18-year-old son: so that's what he thinks of me.

    Wear those Tshirts for under-shirt warmth in winter.
    and thank god xmas has passed. safe now for next 353 days.

  6. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Re-gift the picture frame that you will not use, and then someone else may like it :) Or, perhaps they too will re-gift it until it gets to a person that will find use of it :)
    My gift this Christmas was the joy of watching the kids open their presents. They did not receive many presents, but what they did receive they loved. The winner of the day was a massive bubble wand that the younger three received. Hours of fun (and less washing liquid at the kitchen sink because they made more and more of the solution) was had :)

  7. I got some money, which is damn awesome by me, I can put it towards something that I really want.

  8. Dina, life would be ever so much easier if we didn't give gifts at christmas, but I like seeing the excitement of kids.

    A tee under a shirt is quite acceptable Brian, and preferable to seeing saggy old flesh.

    TS, we did give our fair share of vouchers this year. Once kids have grown, they are too hard to buy for.

    Good idea Jayne. I will try to remember next year.

    353 days and counting Ann. Can't wait.

    Cazzie, I am not sure I know anyone who I would inflict the frame on. I suspect it was a regift Mother passed on. Those wands would be great.

    Best gift of all Fen.