Sunday, December 05, 2010

Swim baby swim

I don't usually promote private company schemes, but I am shocked that so many kids don't learn to swim. I think we have gone backwards. I knew of no one who could not swim when I was a kid. Even in the country, we were crammed into a bus and carted off to the local pool for swimming. I get very bored when swimming and used to even when I was a kid, but I did manage to get my Herald certificate. I think that is awarded for being able to swim twenty five metres, not really sure now.

Even R's humble school in a northern industrial town in England had its own swimming pool.

The first person I came across who could not swim was our Anglo Indian friend who grew up in Calcutta. Psst, it is ok, he came from the posh part. Park Circus or something like that. Any sing song accent was drummed out of him at school and he spoke beautifully.

Sorry, a bit off track. Our ex policeman/ex NT politician friend is trying to connect Lions club, Rotary and Neighbourhood Watch to expend some funds on swimming classes. I will send him this link as it may of interest to him.

Uncle Tobys, the breakfast cereal manufacturer has put a good bit of money into teaching young people to swim. Personally I think schools should do it. Regardless, here is the link to Uncle Tobys swim programme, in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Club.


  1. Kids, here in the Netherlands, learn to swim at an early age. They have to, water is all around them and most live 4 meters under sea-level.
    So in case a dyke breaks they still can swim from tree top to tree top... before they are washed out to sea. ;)

  2. Why schools?

    I think parents should do it! Why do we always reckon the government should do things? If they don't teach their sweet little precious to swim, then they drown.

    Because we have pollies over a barrel and won't vote for them otherwise.

    Shits me ...

  3. Problem is parents think they are paying for their kids to be taught to swim through school but the kids can barely stay afloat in some cases.
    Here's some links for R
    Lifesavers concerned too many children can't swim
    One in five primary kids can't swim

  4. Hmmm Peter. Does Netherlands have any beaches?

    Traditional that schools teach swimming isn't it Julie? Swim sports carnival etc etc. Perhaps some good social aspects to school swimming too.

  5. And of course it gave us chance to mix with the catholic boys and 'recite poetry' at them.

  6. Used to happen even back when I was at school Jayne. Some kids were just left to their own devices and never learnt well. Btw, ripper houses in Dunolly.

  7. Andrew, better check your atlas first before you make a remark like that. Do you know where NL is?

    A coastline of 250 km with white sandy beaches and dunes to ftolic in.

  8. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Yes should be compulsory at school to learn to swim - and parents should follow up with extra lessons at the local pool.

    Luckily we had our own pool at school, complete with diving tower - so each student had to qualify for their 25 metre certificate.

  9. Most schools I know DO send the kids to lessons. However schools are expected to teach kids EVERYTHING these days, it's any wonder they can't read and write!!

  10. Of course I know where it is Peter, I just didn't know if it has beaches or just dykes.

    One thing I never learnt, Cazzie is it? That is to dive. The few times I did I always ended up with water going up my nose.

    The crowded curriculum Fen, and it is not getting any less crowded.

  11. Yes, the crowded curriculum was my poorly made point.