Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am not sure if our new state government has a minister for major events. Our last one did, I think. (I am getting so good at using wishy washy words so that if I get something wrong, I don't get stressed about something I don't really care about or I consider matters.)

But our last Minister for Major Events was derelict in his duty for not somehow stealing away from New South Wales the Schools Spectacular. The tv broadcast has just finished and it gets better and better each year. The standard of performance quality was wonderful. One lass in her last year of school belted out a rendition of Cry Me a River that Julie London would have been proud to put her name to. Another lass did a fair old job with 'that' bit from Madame Butterfly.

Of course as they lads are only school boys, I take no notice of their future potential of being gorgeous hunks.

Well done kiddies, schools, production and music staff and our ABC.


  1. One hopes the meathead sports jocks have been flushed from the govt offices with the emptying of the rubbish bins from the last lot and we can have something other than Big Pricks, Footy, Rugby, Stadiums and dropkicks pretending that spending taxpayers moolah on debt-incurring events is good for the state economy.
    Then again, investing in kids' future like the Schools Spectacular is too far for myopic pollies to squint.

  2. Steal the School Spectacular from NSW? would that work. Would you steal the schools; students and all?

    I suppose that is one way to reduce the NSW education budget.

    Leave it alone, Andrew - Victoria already has plenty of big moolah generating special events.

  3. Hear hear Jayne.

    Moolah generating Victor? Costing actually.

  4. Yeah, Aaaandroo ... back in yer box.

    Although I do like that idea of the southerners taking care of our education system. Good one, Victor.

  5. Julie, I think Victoria might just do a boutique schools spectacular. Half the number and twice the talent.

  6. Sure you got that the right way 'round?

  7. Don't be so bitter Julie. We truly are not judging you by Sydney's adoration of Oprah.

  8. Oh gawd yes, how embarrassing. All cost and no profit.