Friday, December 17, 2010

So Cross Leaks

It was only after I wrote the subject line that I realised readers might think I am talking about Southern Cross Station's leaking roof. Well, not a leak really, more like a minor collapse. Nay, let us call it a major collapse. Hail piled on the roof and parts of it failed. Who paid for the repair? Taxpayers, an insurance company, Metro or Connex, the contractor? Who knows?

In these public/private, PP, deals, we don't get to know the financial details of what public/private companies do.

I am not going to defend Kosky's record as transport minister any more than to say she wasn't the one to reinvent public transport to make it work and she had to deal with what was given to her. But, she was the one who in an absolutely extraordinary move locked away the financial details of Southern Cross Station for fifty years. So let me see, say 2055 you can read about how Southern Cross Station was redeveloped and who spent what and how much of taxpayers dollars went into the pockets of the developer, who seemingly also gave us a white elephant shopping centre.

The Labor opposition will continue to trot out lame reasons why they lost office. They could start looking at matters like the above to work out why traditional Labor voters did not vote for them. You lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

So come on someone. Do a SoCrossyLeak website.


  1. it's suss isn't it when they lock the details down for so long. Morons.

  2. And they expect us to believe in them after they do such blantently sneaky, sly crap?
    Ugly train station just got uglier when Bracksy waved his wand *rolls eyes*
    And what are they doing with all those underground concourses and shops and stuff????
    Storing more financial documents from Wikileaks?

  3. Clearly something has to be hidden from us Fen.

    Good question about what is happening to the shops etc. I might be down there one day this week and take a look. One thing good about it Jayne, it does feel like an important railway station. But don't linger too long or you will choke on the diesel fumes.

  4. would not mind the cost IF the place was User-friendly but I use it a lot and it is not.

  5. Care to be more specific Emstacks? I am genuinely interested in what you find annoying about it.