Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa and Little Jo

Little Jo seems to have overcome her fear of santa. She told santa she is getting a pink bike for christmas. Sister said no, and has repeatedly. Bad luck Little Jo, maybe next year. Now where did her blonde hair go?

Hoho, Sister has been conned into taking Mother to meet up with a friend for dinner at Fountain Gate tonight. Good luck with the parking Sis.


  1. My sister had quite white blonde hair when she was really young, it darkened over the years and is now just brown!
    Cute pic of Little Jo.

  2. Awwww, cute.
    Why can't Little Jo have a pink bike for Christmas (out of curiosity)?

  3. It is a female thing in our family Fen. Mother had blonde hair as did Sister and now Little Jo, and they all lost it early.

    Don't know actually Jayne. She is a bit young perhaps. Maybe she is getting one and it is an attempt to make it a surprise. I haven't asked.