Monday, December 13, 2010

Oprah Tram

We were having a spot of lunch at a French deli in Bourke Street and looked who passed by, well an image of her on the side of a tram. I would just hate having my face enlarged to that size. I guess this tram will have its appearance changed fairly quickly as Oprah has been and gone and is no doubt now describing Sydney as the most beautiful city in the world.


  1. Ms Winfrey is rich enough to not care about anything. She does give a lot to charity, bless her.
    I love getting that window into the life of Mrs Castran in Toorak, having her Tuesday taco parties catered by 'Pearl' and going to the Oprah show audience when on US holidays.
    Pleased to know you are also dining al fresco a la Francaise.

  2. 'Oprah has been and gone and is no doubt now describing Sydney as the most beautiful city in the world'

    Which, of course, it is.

  3. ooh i love that french deli
    oprah not so much!

  4. R's favourite place to eat in the city Ann. I am pleased that Oprah did get to dine with a 'normal' family.

    I really can't disagree Victor.

    Yep Fen, the Vietnamese do French quite well.

  5. How much did it cost to put her face on that there tram? I wonder

  6. *groan*

    We have been 'warned off' the city today!

    What shits me is that the pollies tell us how much all these shitty things will generate and then in about 18 months time, the Auditor-General tells us how much all these shitty things actually cost in the generating of something less than the pollies forecast. And it doesn't matter which side (of the triangle!) is in power. They all talk bob and walk dolly.

  7. Cazzie, they were afraid no one would know who she was.

    Julie, some things stay the same from state to state. How can 'they' possibly calculate such a resulting figure anyway.

  8. Because
    *hands on hips and swaying*
    they've got
    m o d e l i n g

    shit in, shit out.

  9. Modelling has to be based on an input of facts. I never go with the line that facts can be wrong, but data input can be.

  10. Can a 'fact' be wrong?
    A statement can be, sure, but a 'fact'?

    Is it a double-L in 'modeling'?

    Whack, whack, whack ... back you go, young lady.

  11. Fact and its meaning has generated a rant from me in the past Julie.

    When I saw your single 'l' I had no confidence that it had two. But my tried and trusted make up method came to the fore. If in doubt, slap on more.