Saturday, December 18, 2010

Officer South

I was on my way to Mother's a week or so ago and I planned to buy something to eat along the way. This service facility is quite new and there is a similar one on the opposite side of the road. If they have tried to make souless, they have succeeded very well. However, it was very popular and lovely and cool inside on a warmish day. It is in Officer South, a place I never knew existed.

The main reason for stopping here, but not mine on this day.

Bare earth, concrete, bitumen, harsh lines and lost productive farmland.

There was a coffee bar, a McCafe and McDonalds, a KFC and one unknown to me, Coolabah which sold sandwiches and better looking hamburgers than the afore mentioned place, and other food stuffs. I ain't tellin' what I had.


  1. Oh how I hanker for traditional value hamburgers.

    Minced meat patty (I know them as flattened rissoles) with texture. Fried onions with still a bit of crunch (likewise the lettuce). A still runny egg and beetroot.

    The only place I can find them now is courtesy of our own home kitchen. (But it's still not the same as rocking up to a ridgy didge burger joint and the ambient smells.)

  2. There is something wrong with where you live LS. Any fish and chip around here makes them. We buy ours in Glenferrie Road Malvern, Middleborough Road Burwood, Clarendon Street South Melbourne and Carlisle Street Balaclava, all fish and chip shops and all good hamburgers. Btw, I have a hamburger post saved for a rainy day. I'll get to work on it.

  3. "There is something wrong with where you live LS."

    Tell me something I don't know!

    Hamburger desert.

  4. ... and the locals here in 3041 are devastated that one of the 3 local fish'n'shipchops have been sold by the previous Greek owners to Chinese persons. ("What would *they* know about fish and chips?!" was the common - VERY *common* - comment.)

    Pauline Hanson lives!

    Lucky they still have the Thai restaurant and the takeaway pizza joint to fall back upon. :0)

  5. I think all the ones I mentioned have Asian owners now. There seems to be little connection between ethnicity and the ability to cook a hamburger or fish and chips.

    Ian, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Fried chicken was not sounding healthy, hence the name change. Perhaps they should revert to their previous much leaner meat, rabbit.

  6. "There seems to be little connection between ethnicity and the ability to cook a hamburger or fish and chips."

    Unless you live in 3041 the stamping ground of Frank McManus and the birthplace of the DLP.

    Note the religion statistics and you'll not be surprised that we heathen proddy atheists don't buy fish and chips on Friday.

    Fish in batter is best done oriental - tempura style flake is GOOD!

  7. Extraordinary figures. Nearly half the citizens say they are catholic and where are the South East Asians and Chinese?

  8. I was guessing which establishment you ate at.

  9. "where are the South East Asians and Chinese?"

    The whole 9 of them are running the fish the 3041 chip shop and one of our 2 Thai 3041 restaurants (and excellent they are too).

    3041 is dedicatedly WASPRC, one of the few electorates which never fails so stand a DLP candidate.

  10. Where did my comment back to Ian go? Yes, of course you would know what KFC was. No it wasn't KFC and given how I wasn't saying, it must have been the other baddie.

    So LS, Bob S&M and Frank Mac are fondly remembered.