Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not so smart meters

I don't know whether we have a smart meter or not yet. Our electric meters are locked away in the service rooms on each level. I understand they are read from a central point, either in the building or remotely. So how is a smart meter going to benefit me and why should I pay for one?

Just another reason to hate the previous state government.

Leads me to wonder if the service rooms should be locked? I can see reasons for it. There is telecommunication equipment in there and so anyone with a grudge could cut our phone and innernet connections. But also in there are the water stop cocks for both hot and cold water. What if we were leaking badly and needed to use the cocks? It is not unimaginable that we might need to manipulate our own cocks and we should have free access to them. At night it could be half an hour before we could get our security company to give our cocks an anti clockwise twist and shut off our leak or flood even. Yeah, along with access to our meter, I think we need to be able to access our cocks in an emergency.

Oh yes, we don't have a problem with gas. We can easily access that cock in a kitchen cupboard. It just seems so sensible to have cocks in your kitchen cupboards. We close the gas cock off when we are away for a bit. Rather than in the external service room, the more cocks you can have internally, the better.


  1. So, when does that hallway and door get a new paint job, they look a bit shabby!

    BTW, I think all the owners should have a key to that service room, just in case.

  2. I'm just amazed at the expectation something new (and 'better') that costs the consumer will actually be of benefit!!

    Happy travels!!

  3. It isn't a public area Peter, just where the rubbish chute is and within the stairway area. No one cares about it. I think we should have a key. You have it right. Not left open, just a key for your level.

    C'mon Red. You are of an age, like me, where surprises have stopped.

  4. The trouble with smart meters is they take four times as much electicty to run as normal meters.

  5. Mmmmm...nine cocks....methinks a little red wine has been consumed.

  6. I'll quote you on that Brian.

    Never press send after a drink Victor. I learnt that long ago.

  7. oh cock, i just fell off the couch from laughing too hard!

  8. Fen, I grin myself when re-reading. What an ego.