Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not a report of my demise

I don't like dobbing, but in this case I think I am justified. R was with Little Jo in Prahran and I had one more thing to get so I told them to go to the bus/tram stop and catch whatever came along if I didn't make it and I would catch the next one home, which is what happened.

I boarded the bus along with another passenger who knew the driver and they had a chat along Commercial Road. The driver was obviously distracted as he almost missed a stop near the Alfred Hospital.

Much worse was when we were sitting at a red light in Commercial Road and he pulled the bus out into the service lane against a red light. He slammed the brakes on and nothing hit us and the passenger who he was talking to broke off the conversation and scuttled down to the back of the bus. I am not great at talking and driving, but I let the conversation go, not my driving. Clearly this bus driver is not great at talking and driving either, so best that he is warned not to do so.

I don't dob lightly but when the public is put into significant danger as it was, then I don't see that I cannot.


  1. There are, of course, large clear signs informing passengers to not distract the driver, and I must tell you the torture it is, to have a moron leaning over the driver chatting away, over a long distance, after sunset, in the rain, at 100 kms p.h. from Frankston to Dromana.
    When I directed his gaze to the sign he told me it was not my business.

    Dobbing is better than dying.

  2. Most bus drivers are nice but some need a reminder of their duty; most passengers have commonsense but there's a few who've slipped their leash and still need the rolled up newspaper on their noses.

  3. That is a real bad Em Stacks. Glad you did something about it.

    Indeed they are mostly nice Jayne. Even if the driver who I dobbed in was an unwilling participant in the conversation, he can just ignore the chatty passenger.

  4. A fair thing - there really are some idiots out there - always have been but can do less damage with a horse and cart than a bus

  5. Can I (a dedicated PT user)have my bus gripe?

    OK, I'm going to, permission or no.

    On the 501 bus (Moonee Ponds to Airport West Shopping Centre - thereafter to Keilor Road Niddrie) there's a driver who always has his Ipod, Walkman or some such plugged into his ears.

    Press the bell for the next stop and surprise, surprise when you get up out of your seat (copyright Billy Graham) and yell at the top of your voice that the stop you wanted to get off at was 2 stops back he tells you either "Well, I didn't hear it." or "You should have dinged the bell earlier." (?!)

    Am I sounding old and bitter and ranty? (copyright Shirl.)

  6. Funnily MC, I just read yesterday of a woman who was thrown from a carriage and killed.

    LS, unless it is a really old bus, the driver will have a visual indicator on his dash too. If I am out and about with buds plugged into my ears, it is only one bud. The other I keep out to hear the bus that is about to run me down. Bus drivers should do the same.