Monday, December 27, 2010

Non Highrise christmas

This has been the first christmas that either we did not host for the family or didn't involve a good bit of travelling. We stayed at Sister's christmas eve and christmas night. Mother and ABI stayed too, except ABI Brother left christmas night to stay with a friend before going to the Boxing Day cricket test match. He thought he had lost the tickets when he pulled out his street directory when he was lost on his way to his friend's place and they spent a couple of hours driving the streets of Footscray looking for them. They resigned themselves to not going however next morning the tickets were discovered in his car.

We all found somewhere to sleep at Sister's. Bone Doctor and Little Jo camped outside in a tent and Little Jo loved it. I slept on the floor one night and a sofa bed the next. Tradie Brother and his son Dreaded Nephew visited for christmas dinner. We took several walks to and from the beach and a couple of evening drives to look at christmas lights.

Mother was painful. We are all the more convinced half or more of her problems are anxiety related yet nothing we say or suggest is taken much note of by her. Sister will deliver her here shortly and then ABI Brother will take her home.

It was a pleasant christmas and quite relaxing. We visited Queenscliff on Boxing Day before we journeyed home and after some rest went to our Brother Friends house for more food and conviviality with friends.

Sister gave me this retro toy. I suppose it works by magnets. You turn the robot to a question, life him up and place him on the shiny circle and he spins until he stops pointing to the answer. R says he remembers the toy from his childhood, but I don't. There are several sheets of questions, some I don't know the answer to.

Christmas morning I kept hearing emergency fire sirens coming from different directions. Eventually the reason became clear. Santa was driving the streets and handing out lollies. What a great thing to do for kids on christmas mornings. Well done the volunteer Country Fire Authority.

The 36 metre tall Point Lonsdale Norfolk Island Pine which has been decorated since the mid 1960s. Not a great phone camera photo, but the tree was great.


  1. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Great picture of Little Jo with Santa. The CFA are brilliant. They do the same thing in our area and my kids just love Christmas EVE, waiting to see the fire truck. I remember when I was a little girl we would have the CFA come through my Grandma's area out in the bush. It was always a highlight for the whole family.

  2. Queenscliffe is so pretty, and yes God bless the CFA volunteers like the SES and the Blood Bank. Victoria would grind to a halt without volunteer labour.
    Robot toy looks like hours of fun, especially with cocktails.
    Your tshirt post gripe is mainly because YOU probably put some deep thought into your gifts being suitable, whereas many people just don't. next year just give everybody the same gift - a charity T-towel covers all bases.
    I hope Little Jo had a wonderful time and you all got a contact-high from her.

  3. Yes, isn't it amazing that so many essential services are left to volunteers?

    I'm SO jealous of that robot!! Where do I get one?!?!

    Happy travels!!

  4. aaw I remember when Santa used to come around on the back of the fire truck.

  5. Good one Cazzie. Sister was bragging about where else this would happen and now I can tell her in Melbourne suburbs.

    Em Stacks, I have mixed thoughts about volunteer labour. I appreciate it but some things should be done by government with taxpayers money.

    Precisely Red, essential services should not be volunteer labour. The retro game came from a Queenscliff toy shop.

    I must have been an underprivileged childhood Fen. No fire Santa for me.

  6. My girls used to love seeing Santa drive by on the CFA truck, throwing lollies willy nilly to all the kids :)
    Feral kidlet saw CFA Santa (by accident) in Dunolly before Xmas and was impressed lol.

  7. Anonymous12:57 am

    The fire department delivers presents to kids here too. The parents drop off a gift for their little darlings and give a convenient time for Santa to drop in and the fire department does the rest. V.

  8. I more or less stayed in bed all Christmas. Best one I've had in decades.

  9. Must be a very traditional exercise Jayne, which I did not know about.

    Wow V, it is viral and done all over the world. I suppose your fire department is not too busy at this of the year.

    Why would you not Brian? It is obvious to me why Facebook is so popular at this time of the year.