Saturday, December 11, 2010

Modern Family Oprehy

I watch Modern Family on tv. There is little else on tv at the same time on Sunday evening that interests me while I have my pre dinner drink. It make me laugh at times. Initially I thought it was a play on stereotypes. Then I thought it is just making us laugh at stereotypes. Now, I am not so sure. Does it reinforce stereotypes in a way that breaks them down or just makes us more sure of what we already think? What is to become of the mute baby Lily, a child from Vietnam adopted by two gay gays, one an over the top gay and the other very anxty. At least they seem to have stopped losing her, that is forgetting about her. I think I am losing my desire for guys. I find Eva Longoria very attractive and now I like SofĂ­a Vergara. Do either have brothers?

But as I always say, stereotypes happen for good reasons. Who couldn't laugh at old episodes of Mind Your Language or the Kumars at Number 42.

I also watch United States of Tara, mainly because it has a marvellous Australian lead actor in it, but it is quite a good show. Those two are the full extent of my US tv show viewing, but I may just record and watch an episode of Ophra. I need to know how good she is to judge whether the $4 million odd was worth it. I reckon she is better value than paying Tiger Woods a similar amount, or the criminal waste of $43 million on a World Cup football bid, or a similar amount on Melbourne's Grand Pricks.

Yesterday was Melbourne's big Osphra Day. She doesn't seem to do harm. Wonder what she was doing in a baby clothing shop in South Yarra? Is there something she and her girlfriend aren't telling us?

Really I am not the least bit interested in Opra, but I must keep up with modern stuffs, so I shall now go and search out a vid of today's events at Fed Square. Na, na, na, na na na na, na.

First part of post written 31/10.


  1. Oprah can adopt moi, I'm free to a good home :P

  2. Jayne, you just want to get your grubby hands on some of her money. Confess.

  3. baby shop:
    Expectant mum Catherine Schrank had hoped to attend the "Oprah" show in Sydney but couldn’t travel because she is due to give birth next Wednesday. So, instead, the Oprah show came to her.

    The baby shower was held at the Bebe baby and children’s shop, also in Toorak Rd.

    “You couldn’t travel to us, so I'm coming to you for your own baby shower," Winfrey said.

    A stunned Mrs Schrank said the surprise was “surreal".

  4. I reckon Eva is pretty hot too :)

  5. Love that Sofia Vergara. We all have a good laugh at Modern Family at our place. The idiosyncracies of each character are writ so large it seems like it's not reinforcing stereotypes but I'm not sure. It's affectionate towards its characters' foibles. There's probably a PhD thesis in your excellent question.

  6. We love Modern Family. Not sure about the stereotype thing.

  7. Give me the money that "they" have paid for her to come over here, or whatever it is, and I will try to fix some things up around here in Victoria, school and hospital wise.. and maybe fix these damn roads with pot holes in them lol

  8. Add my name to the Modern Family fan club.

  9. Ann, so I learnt on last nights news.

    Loz, I enjoyed seeing her when she was out here for the horse races a year or so ago.

    They are certainly strong characters Lad. I given up now trying to work it out and just watch for the laughs.

    Dina, I had quite noticed that from your writing.

    Cazzie, I am not sure why a rich country has holes in roads.

    Done Victor. I think there are only repeats on atm.