Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Minor Boxing Day Sale

Not really, Queenscliff ignored Boxing Day sales and traded as usual, expensive. R couldn't resist a pair of sea rock climbing shoes for Little Jo. They are pink and almost look like ballet shoes. You can wear them in or out of the water and they have good grip for walking on rocks.

We visited Apostle for sustenance not of the spirit, but the stomach. The coffee and muffin were fine. It is Sister and Bone Doctor's favourite.

We then took a cruise around town in the most stylish vehicle we could find. Mother used to ride her father's Clydesdales. Sister and Tradie Brother used to get dinked on the back of a horse to school. I did not know of this horse riding family history. As not fond of horses as I am, I rather like Clydesdales. They don't have that flighty look in their eyes.

In yesterday's post I left out that a cruise ship was ready to pass out through the heads while we were on an evening beach walk (Diamond Princess). The channel which the ships must follow has them heading directly for the Point Lonsdale beach and they swing left and pass through the heads. Once past, Sister tells me they travel west for a bit before heading on their normal route to the east. The ship passengers would have had a fine view of the illuminated 36 metre tall pine.

For sale if you are interested.

We gave Little Jo a chef's hat and apron, powdered pancake mix and some cooking utensils. She whipped us up a fine batch of pancakes for breakfast.


  1. "they don't have that flighty look in their eyes' ??? but
    adorable fluffy-hooved Clydesdales often have pale blue eyes which no other Australian horse does (USA Mustangs do though)
    and that can be weirder than 'flighty' looking.
    Not knowing your mother rode to school is terrible. You must listen to her Oral History before it's too late and you regret lost opportunity.

    I expect to see Little Jo on
    Kindy Masterchef next.
    X X

  2. Tsk tsk, Andrew, poor form not listening to your Mum.
    I'll let you buy the pub for me as a late pressie :P
    Those sea rock climbing shoes are the best thing for the beach since sliced bread....not that sliced bread was much chop at the beach but you know what I mean :P

  3. I have really fond memories of Queenscliff. My Aunt and Uncle had a holiday house at Point Lonsdale and we spent a lot of school holidays down there with them. Enjoy the time off Andrew :)

  4. Blue eyes Em Stacks? How interesting. I did not look. Mother did not ride to school, she just had play rides. I had forgotten about Sister and Tradie Brother horse dinking to Grassy Spur Primary. Little Jo will always be too fast and furious to be on anything like Masterchef.

    Ah, so Jayne, you know about such shoes. Good buy I thought. Err, isn't bread always sliced?

    Loz, maybe you have mentioned it but I missed it. I look forward to hearing of your childhood holidays at The Point.