Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Mind the Gap

This morning the wireless told me three people have recently slipped down between stationary train carriages and the platform, one a toddler. Why is there a gap for people to fall down? But as there is, why not some good old London Tube style nagging.

Vid of Mind the Gap won't work, so I publish without the vid.

Date Written originally, 22/10/10


  1. In my opinion they're complete nitwits if they manage to fall down the gap. I mean come on, concentrate people.

  2. London had some HUGE gaps.

    We kept being reminded of one, and thought they were going a bit overboard with their warnings. Then we saw the gap, and realized the nagging was quite warranted.

  3. Anonymous9:11 am

    I thought with our obese polulation people wouldn't be able to fit between the gaps these days.

  4. Fen, I recall one of the women was coming home by train from the races. I expect alcohol was involved.

    I didn't especially notice them in London Dina. I wonder why there has to be such large gaps? Shouldn't all the platforms be the same and the vehicles made to fit the platforms?

    Snigger Anon. Gave me an interesting mental image.