Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just Another Thursday

Be it us sitting at a table at a smart cafe in South Yarra, or dining at the Apostle in Queenscliff, we are the little fish in a very big pond. If you like, the cheapest house in the street. The poor among the rich. Most people we mix with have more money than we do. Mother saliently remarked when we dined at Apostle, there are some people with money here.

We keep punishing ourselves by going where rich people go, well sometimes. We mix with the poor too at times, unwillingly.

We outdid ourselves today with a visit to Sorrento. The good burghers of Sorrento are so rich, they can afford to have annual flowering plants and roses in their park, not something seen in the City of Port Phillip, or much in the City of Melbourne.

It was christmas guilt over not making a huge effort to attend Sis in Law's Boxing Day lunch. I called her and asked if she would like to do lunch between christmas and new year. Sure she said. Let me know so that I can arrange time off work. I did and suggested Thursday. We imagined a lunch somewhere in Frankston looking over the water with just Sis in Law, perhaps where she meets her gay friends for breakfast. I am not sure that I care to mix with homosexuals. Perhaps I shouldn't say snowball given the northern hemisphere is experiencing snow, clearly for Britain and the New York, for the first time. Otherwise how could they not be coping?

But snowball our lunch with Sis in Law did.

Sister invited herself and said go to Sorrento for lunch and we will come across on the ferry. Ok. Sister suggested a booking at the Sorrento Hotel.

I informed Sis in Law. Oh, she said. I am bringing my new beau and his three kidlets. I straight away picked up that Sorrento Hotel would be a big cost to them. Right, we decided on fish and chips on the beach.

Nay, said Sister, the park opposite the Sorrento Hotel where Little Jo can play. We will catch the 11.00 o'clock ferry across.

You are going quite early noted Oldest Niece. I have to work later but I will come and bring my betrothed.

Right, this is turning into a serious family gathering. Better see what ABI Brother and Nanna Fudd, sorry Mother, are doing.

In spite of Mother saying she couldn't possibly be ready to go out by 10.00, she was and arrived with her salad roll. I can't eat fish and chips is something we knew was on the long list of things Mother can't eat.

Mother and ABI Brother were terribly late due to traffic and ABI Brother doesn't have a mobile telephone. R and I alternated with trips to the parking area to greet them and guide them to where we were in the park. Sounds easy. It wasn't.

Sister and Bone Doctor went off to get the fish and chips, $120 worth. Sis in Law's Beau's children just adore Little Jo and entertained her. It was a cracker of day. After lunch we went down to the beach below for paddling, swimming or sunburning. Sister caught the 4.00 o'clock ferry home and we all departed. It was a two hour drive home. I will save the rant about car drivers for another day.

An art gallery, R cried out. We had to stop. Interesting stuff at GaGa. The artist's son was looking after the shop. He was a nice lad, albeit perhaps preoccupied with his online laptop girlfriend in Vladivostok.

In spite of sunscreen and a hat, I am a bit singed. R is much worse. He has skin that doesn't need sunscreen, but he is quite red.

Surely that must be the last family contact for a long time. Nah, Tradie Brother is home alone, his divorce from Sis in Law in effect on christmas day. He is depressed. Might try to give him an interesting day out on Monday.

Photos of the day will follow.


  1. What a splendid day!
    Bet you forgot to check out the old tram and tramtracks :P

  2. I did not Jayne. Wait for the photos. I made R walk back up the hill.

  3. blimey, that all sounds like a lot of work! But fun.

  4. You should have come along Fen. It was a nice day.

  5. Oh well, thank god Christmas comes once a year?

    We have barely a day to catch our breath before it's 'New Year' again in about 30 odd days (the Lunar one)!

  6. I am also The Country Mouse in opshop clothes often mixing with designer-clad friends. Last weekend in fact. Blackberry people. with jobs.
    Sorrento is POSHer than Lorne that's for sure.
    You could easily run a military battalion with your organisational experience. 'snowball' is not quite the word for it - let's go with avalanche.
    The Nepean Road traffic is complete gridlock right up to the West Rosebud turnoff to the freeway, but it is seriously scenic as a compensation.
    Do be warned that Mr Magoo age 88 and seriously shrivelled, drives this freeway on Saturdays.
    I love the ferry across Port Phillip Heads.

  7. Less often than once a year would be good MC. Fortunately we keep our Lunar and Chinese NY celebrations to a minimum. I always seem to be working then.

    Ann, even when Peninsula Link opens, there will still be lots of congestion further down. Only done the ferry trip once. I was nice. Not cheap though.

  8. Sounds like an amazing day - funny that Brissie is all clouds and rain and melbourne is having the sunshine!