Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Help the Sydney lady out

Not just her really, me too as I am quite curious.

Sydney Eye has been peeping over fences. Click here and see what you can make of this apparent cooking or heating device in what seems like a really wrong place.


  1. Thanks, Andrew.

    Jayne has given me some info which is similar to info that I received from two sources at the Powerhouse Museum.

    Jayne: 'It looks like the firebox for a chip heater to heat up domestic water.'

    Powerhouse: 'I suspect what you saw is a outside wood-burning water heater used as an alternative in summer to the kitchen wood stove which while also heating water, would have made the kitchen very hot.'

    PHM has suggested that I contact both the Mitchell Library and the Historic Houses Trust which is what I will do this evening.

    It is a great looking 'appliance' don't you reckon?

  2. Chip heater hey. Makes sense. Nothing else did. I don't have experience with chip heaters but I understand they can be frightening beasts. This would be a pretty upmarket one I think, alight for longer than just a quick hit of hot water. Maybe it produced hot water for storage.

    'Tis great indeed.

    'Mum, I not going out in the rain to put wood on the heater'.

  3. Anonymous11:57 pm

    My grandparents had the very same chip heater installed in their little country house at Spring Hill, just out of Glenlyon Victoria. It sure did make the place warm in winter, allowed the water to heat up so long as the fire was going and also provided appliance to cook on. My Nan made the very best Crepes and Pancakes for us as children on top of this appliance, and I have not been able to replicate that taste yet!
    My Pop sold the place a few years back and moved to Kangaroo Flat Bendigo. Too bad, or I could have taken images of it for you all to see. Then again, I hear that the couple that purchased the place renovated and may well have sold the item :(

  4. Thanks Cazzie. Confirmed then and your grandparent's had the outside door?

  5. I have more on this now from the Historic Houses Trust. Will work up another post on it over the next few days.