Thursday, December 02, 2010

A faint cheer for Soccer

Australia has put in a strong bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 or 2022, but the competition and the bribes and back room deals are strongly against us. One reason I can suggest that we won't win is that the result will be announced at 2 o'clock in the morning our time. There won't be too many around to cheer. Just from the bits I hear, the whole awarding of who gets to host the World Cup is corrupt as it could be, regardless of whether Australia wins.

Our final video submission has been described as crass, cringeworthy, tasteless and downright embarrassing. The video went for all the stereotypes but hey, it is not made for us. I expect foreign types will enjoy it. The stereotypes are what attracts people to Australia. Once here, I hope people discover there is a bit more to us.

The vid is particularly impressive as it managed to get a black man, a Muslim woman, an Asian heritage person and our indigenous, all within about 30 seconds.

Here is the vid.


  1. There's a gay man in the clip too! Allegedly.

  2. A h o m o sexual James? Not sure that I care for such business. Ah well, each to their own.

  3. I've heard those rumours about Joolya but they've never been proven :P

  4. Jayne, just because she has a My Gay Boyfriend means nothing.

  5. 2/3 of the people of the Netherlands and Belgium hope we lose the bid for 2018/2022. The way FIFA tries to bend the EU rules about taxes and other income was the last drop for many of us.

    Of course as a nation we hope our team wins at the next World Cup.

  6. Qatar will get it, they've got the most money!

  7. Actually, I did not find this crass or cringeworthy at all. And I find that funny. Maybe I am mellowing in my old age. Shall have to work on that!

    Found the jump from the Bite into the reef a bit of a laugh. And and and that they had to sign-post Melbourne ... not enough icons, eh lads?

    I had not heard that rumour about Joolya - could understand her being gay, but not a man. No!

    There was an article in the press this week going for her jugular for not being in Switzerland for the presentation. I will put it on record here. I like Joolya. Neh, heh!

  8. What about Federation Square, in Melbourne. Designed by local architects Don Bates and Peter Davison, they certainly gave it a face only a mother could love.

  9. I woke this morning with a bad case of catarrh.....

  10. Anonymous7:59 am

    Who plays soccer anyway?

  11. The rumour was only started cos Joolya's got bigger balls than some men...although they may be shrinking in the hot wash of politics of late *snort*

  12. Peter, about 3/4 of people here couldn't give a damn.

    Aren't you the clever one Fen.

    Julie, we keep our icons hidden and don't flash them about with gay abandon. Julia not going probably saved us a good bit of money. $45 million!

    Peter, I like Fed Square. Even though many hated it in its early days, they have come to embrace it.

    Victor, it took me a second to get. Now give up those Turf cork tipped.

    No idea Anon, but a growing number.

    Now you explain Jayne, after your first comment went viral.

  13. Only a second, Andrew? I must be losing my touch.

  14. The UK didn't win and they had Beckham pitching as well as Prince William:
    "Speaking at a dinner on Thursday night he also revealed the lengths that Prince William had gone to to convince FIFA members to vote for England. “I met Prince William coming out of one of these meetings and said, ‘how did it go?’ He said it had gone really, really well. I said, 'gosh how did you do it, what did you offer him? An invitation to the wedding?'
    He said, 'Prime Minister, I went so far I think I offered to marry him'.

  15. Good anecdote Mod. I hadn't heard it.

  16. I liked the Australian video, my main criticism is that it went for far too long, not sure if it held their attention.

    In comparison the Qatar video was about as bland as I think Qatar may be. Just another generic emirate, they're a dime a dozen.

    On the other hand I was sure the USA would win as soon as I heard Morgan Freeman, it's as if god her/him/its self was narrating the video.

  17. Too right it was too long Ben. I drifted off. I only know Freeman as Miss Daisy's chauffeur.


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