Saturday, December 11, 2010


I hate working the times I have worked this week, starting about 1.30 with a break for a meal at 5.00 and finishing at 10.30. When do you have your evening meal? Who wants to eat their evening meal at 5pm? I have this week. Here is a sample day.

Coffee at 7. Coffee at 8. Cereal at 9.30. Two slices of toast spread with cholesterol reducing margarine and Vegemite at 11.00. 12.30 a tin of chilli tuna, bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a tomato. Coffee at 1.15. 5.00 a flake steak, two potato cakes and a greek salad, without dressing or pepper! 9pm, an apple and two iced Vo Vos. 11pm, two large glasses of wine. Along the way, a litre or so of water.

I think I had enough of the right things, but while I don't have a sweet tooth, I think my diet is too high in sugar.


  1. In their later years both my parents not only ate around 5pm they often had completed their meal before 5pm. To my observation, quite common when you are in your 80s.

  2. "Who wants their evening meal at 5pm?"

    Old guys, that's who.
    oh Victor just beat me to it.

  3. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I have the same problem. I finish every working day between 8 and 9pm. This means I either eat dinner either really early or very late. I usually opt for the early meal because if I don't, I'm often starving come 9pm and end up eating more. If possible, I try to have lunch as my main meal of the day and then two smaller snacks (usually a sandwich) - one before and one after work. It seems to work for me! V.

  4. Victor, when visiting a rel of R's in country England, they had a meal at around four o'clock and then a substantial supper at perhaps eight or later. Very odd but perhaps healthier.

    Yep MOD. When R's parents visited us in Australia, we ate separately, them at 5 and us at 7. They weren't keen on our food anyway.

    Sounds good V. It is easier to be flexible when there is only yourself to think about. If you go without food and are very hungry, do you really eat more? I find I eat less. My stomach must shrink quickly, although not visibly so.

  5. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Unfortunately, I do eat more if I'm without food for any length of time. Don't think my stomach has a shrink switch!! V.

  6. I eat my dinner anywhere between 1 - 2am when I'm at work. When I'm at home it varies depending on how late I woke up that day!!

  7. Yep, arvo shift for me is 1pm til 930pm.. a pain in the butt. Night shift is worse, 9pm til 730am.. and I feel sick after a night shift some times. I am not alone, most nurses report the same side effects. Eat on the run.. hard to do as a shift worker

  8. Eat less but more often V.

    Fen, eating that time would do my head in, and elsewhere.

    Cazzie, penalty rates just aren't enough for your hours.